Friday, March 26, 2010

Look at Your Paycheck…Where’s it All Goin’? To Jerks Like Me, Who Spend it on Nothin’

Hey kids!~ How are you today? Fabulous, I hope!~

Today, for Stay Fabulous or Get Slapped Friday, I decided to be bold, to take a risk. Because taking a risk is Fabulous. I decided to dip my toe in uncharted waters, and wear double denim. Now here is the thing. ..I’ve been anti-double denim for as long as I can remember. No discussion, just “NO”. But I feel like it’s everywhere now!~ And when Wendy asked for photos of people wearing double denim for her blog I thought “Why not”.

So here I am.

Stay Fabulous or Get Slapped Friday - Her

NOT BAD, am I right? I feel a little odd about it, but overall, I think it’s good. I don’t think you look at it and think “Texas Tuxedo” but Ladies and Gentleman that is EXACTLY what it is.

Stay Fabulous or Get Slapped Friday - Her

I think maybe I should keep my mind open to the whole thing. Pairing this jacket with dark denim jeans not only works, but opens up a whole new section of my wardrobe to wear it with. It takes it from a work piece to a weekend piece and even an evening out piece.

I even carried a denim colored bag.

Stay Fabulous or Get Slapped Friday - Her

And because being Fabulous is not something that is limited to the ladies, a rare appearance of the man in my life…

Stay Fabulous or Get Slapped Friday - Him

This is a pretty classic Nathan look. A band or vintage tee, skinny jeans, and a jacket. The jacket was our friend Bill’s University Choir jacket, and came with a tux, but Nathan gets the most use out of the jacket.

Stay Fabulous or Get Slapped Friday - Him


Stay Fabulous or Get Slapped Friday - Him

We can’t remember where I got this tee, but we think I got it online. It was before they got back together for the tour last year (which, if you missed it, I am sorry, it was an experience of a lifetime). Nathan went to see them twice on that tour. He flew to NYC to see them play in, what 2008? And then they hit Dallas last year and we went together. I have to say I’m not a huge MBV fan as far as recordings go, but live, there is nothing, and I mean nothing, like the experience of seeing them play.

Stay Fabulous or Get Slapped Friday - Him

Those are my favorite man shoes of EVER. They are classy and rock and roll in equal measures. They are apparently not the most comfortable shoe ever, but why should we be the only ones to suffer for beauty, ladies?

Stay Fabulous this weekend, kids, and have a good one!~

On Her:
Jacket, Forever XXI
Blouse, hand me down from Berry, Target
Denim Leggings, ANA at JCPenny
Shoes, Old Navy
Bag, Dior
Necklace, Wendy Brandes Jewelry

On Him:
Tuxedo Jacket, Secondhand
My Bloody Valentine Shirt, Gift
Jeans, ODYN (procured at Buffalo Exchange)
Zippered Ankle Boots, Thrifted
Belt, Aeropostale
Swatch Watch, Gift


Ana said...

I love that you included pictures of him! They are so fun!

Anonymous said...

So much fabulosity in one post, I'm not sure I can stand it!

WendyB said...

You get extra credit for denim accessories.

EvaNadine said...

firstly, your man has such awesome style -- kudos!

secondly, i think you managed to find the only way i can approve of double-denim: 2 washes so vastly different that it tricks they eye into thinking they are 2 separate materials.

you almost had me thinking those shoes were denim too!g

KP said...

i love the shoes! And you both look really great!

TP said...

You guys are so rocking! And I love his shoes. The denim on denim looks good when done well (like you did it), but sometimes it can go wrong - very wrong! I might have proof of this in a few photos of me from the 90s :-)

Keely said...

I love the double denim! You made it work perfectly.

The Bagboy said...

Glad to know he's still getting some use out of that old tux.

Intelligent Tool said...

like the denim on denim today. nice that you kept them all in the same color family!! your man is very cute, mine would never wear skinny jeans lol :)

CindyinSC said...

But where is Nathan's hand-on-hip, SASSY pose? :)

Candycane said...

Great man shoes :D

Also im not a big fan of the double denim look either - but this one really works - i think becasue they are diffent washes you can pull it off .. i may even try it myself one day soon ....

CC xXx

Kristen said...

What really makes this work is that the whole outfit is a symphony of blues. LOVE IT, right down to the shoes.

Funny, my entry in SFoGS Friday was also an experiment in trendy boldness; I swear I was already dressed when I saw your post. :)

Liliana said...

DUDE, both of you look super sweet. Good job mixing the denims.

myedit said...

You make double denim look good. I just want to say because of you I got my ass/act together and dressed up for Fabulous Friday which I hope to post later.
Nice man styling too...those boots...awesome!

Sheila said...

They call that the Canadian Tuxedo up my way. :) I'll be doing some double denim at some point, maybe next Friday.

Love seeing Nathan's style! Snazzy! Great shoes.

Amanda @ Life with A.Co said...

You work that denim, girl! It turned out quite all right! Nice work!

A.Co @

Anonymous said...

love all that blue! great color for you.

Unknown said...

You look fabulous (both of you). Your double denim looks great. Not scary like the way we rocked it in the 80s. (I just got a flashback chill -- so much acid wash....) I am loving Nathan's boots. Boots that fabulous must be worn. Kudos to him for rockin' them!

Emily Kennedy said...

Awww. It's so cool to see a pic of your man! You crossed two boundaries: the fabulous sporting of a Canadian tuxedo and the debut of Nathan pics. That is a great post!

Goober said...

I am usually anti double-denim, but you have proven to me that it absolutely can be done in a fabulous way. You look great!

And I love the addition of Nathan pics!

Audi said...

The double denim works because the two are distinctly different in color, and also because you separated them with the long shirt. You and Nathan both look fab!

Nishant said...
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Leah said...

you are rockin' the double denim! looks great. i'm always hesitant about doing it, but maybe now that more people are trying it, i might give in too.

kanishk said...

So much fabulosity in one post, I'm not sure I can stand it!
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