Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Hello, Is It Me You're Looking For?

Oh. Hi. That was longer than I meant to be away. I'm busy. In a good way. Living. I spend so little time on the computer that I miss emails and updates. And I'm OK with that. It's nice not being so connected. I don't know how long it will last, but for now, it's nice. I feel free.

I've also felt really free in my outfit choices. Sometimes, I'm a little over the top. Like this...


The vest, the tie dye, the tail. It's a lot of look. And I love it.


Anyway. I hope you are feeling good too. And I hope I do a better job of keeping up with you. I like you.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Wild, Wild Horses, Couldn't Drag Me Away

I found this shirt on the sale rack at work. The sale price was around 4 bucks. And I felt sorry for it. I had an emotional connection with it. I knew it wasn't really my style, but something about it made me want to take it home and give it a chance. So I did.

Wild Horses

It's vintage and the cotton is so soft. It's from an actual Western Wear company which surprised me. I expected it to be from JCPenny or maybe Montgomery Ward...

Wild Horses

The print is amazing...

Wild Horses

Wild Horses

Are you ever attracted to things that seem way off base for your normal style? Do you try and style around them or change your style to suit them?

Wild Horses

Shirt and bag, Buffalo Exchange
Jeans, ANA at JCPenny
Shoes, Kork Ease
Jacket, Target

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Everybody Has Those Days

None of the pictures I have saved seem all that inspiring or interesting today. It happens. I actually really love wearing this dress but have come to accept that while it flows and looks very pretty in real life it makes me look a wee bit like I'm wearing a tent in pictures.

Teacher Dress

It is one of the first things I bought after I started at Buffalo. It was all of like 10 bucks. And it is a total "teacher dress".

Teacher Dress

But not math teacher. More like art teacher. Or pottery even. That teacher who seems like she might actually be a bit cool, but still, she's your teacher. You know the one.

Teacher Dress

The store has started opening an hour earlier and while it shouldn't be a big deal, it has been a huge adjustment for me personally. Slowly it is becoming more normal, but I haven't quite made it up early enough to get dressed and take photos so far. I only just realized it's actually light enough that I can take them when I get home again, so hopefully I'll be back and more inspired soon.

Teacher Dress

Dress and boots, Buffalo Exchange

Sunday, May 8, 2011

If You Liked It Then You Shoud Of Put a Ring On It

I'm sure you have noticed if you've ever pursued the archives, but I love jewelry. I love jewelry with an edge to it. My first sponsor is the awesome edgy jewelry boutique Betsy and Iya and I'm pretty sure I'm going to get this piece. Some of my favorite places to shop for shiny things are Etsy, Buffalo Exchange and the (now closed) boutique The Shining in Dallas. I've been acquiring a lot of jewelry lately. Here is a small sampling.


Nathan got me this gorgeous pirate ship ring at The Shining the day before the shop closed it's doors forever. (I already miss it.)

I bought myself these clever silver hoops/octopus tentacles the same day.


This gorgeous studded leather cuff formerly belonged to a co-worker and when he sold it to Buffalo Exchange, I snapped it right up.


But my favorite recent purchase has got to be this massive silver two finger ring I got at Buffalo Exchange...


The center of the roses is skulls. So perfect. And the ring has such heft to it, it feels great on my hand.




I'll try and get some pics of some of my other recent acquisitions and post them soon as well. Where do you shop for jewelry? What's your favorite style?

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Balancing Cake and Bread

My BFF moved last year to a much smaller place, and as a result, she purged a lot of old tees. I ended up with a box full. This Tori Amos tee is one of the ones I asked for. It was huge. An XL maybe? It needed to be altered to fit in some way, but I can't sew. So I cut instead.



I'm pretty happy with the results. I did go to this tour. It was maybe the last show I enjoyed. I was a big Tori fan back in the day and still really enjoy her first few albums, but her recent albums don't do anything for me and honestly, her new face freaks me out.

Jeans and a tee (especially when you throw in sneakers) is not my strong suit, but I was really happy with this outfit. I love the line on the straps and the tee was just the right fit to get a super low scoop cut out of it. It drapes really nicely now.


I've tried cutting tanks out of tees and few times now and only lost one tee in the process. It was a doozy though and oddly the one I screwed up was the last one I made. Not the first, or second. More like the fifth. I was pretty disappointed, but it's a risk you take when you pick up the scissors and DIY.

Have you ever really messed up a DIY? Was it a tragedy or just kind of disappointing? Got any other ideas for cutting up a tee that don't involved sewing?

tank, Alannah's old tee
Bra, Forever XXI
jeans, Buffalo Exchange
Shoes, Chucks
Watch, Swatch