Thursday, July 12, 2012

Monday, July 2, 2012

Such A Strange Girl

Ever since I was a child, Summer heat has been my enemy. I am very susceptible to heat stroke and sunburn. I wear a lot of sunscreen and drink a lot of water. And I wear as little as I can. It's been so hot I haven't even put my jewelry on some days. I haven't been great about taking pictures, but here are a few random things...

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5. Untitled 6. Untitled

1. Adventure Time is one of our favorite shows and I made Nathan this paper plate mask like Finn the Human's Nightosphere disguise.
2. Puppy cuddles always make me smile.
3. Pretty good advise taped to the display case at the Army Store
4. I'm getting better ar head wraps. I love letting my dirty hair go one more day. Because I am lazy.
5. This vintage Dior robe comes with the power of relaxation.
6. Winter Kate silk Kimono. Just one of many truly indulgent and ridiculous gifts from Stevie, who gives great gifts.