Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Silly Boys, Just Shut Up And Watch Me Walk

It is less than 100 degrees here today and we Dallasites are all super excited.

August 25

Nathan chose my necklace today. It was down to these red beads and some jet beads, and Nathan said, “I always love a pop of red.” And I fell in love all over again. I know not all guys have an opinion and I love that mine does!

August 25

Sally was JUST saying she was excited about upcoming boot weather over at Already Pretty’s Facebook page (are you a fan yet? You should be! There are great discussions over there that are related to but different than the blog itself), and so am I. So excited that I went ahead and wore them! I knew it would be freezing in the office today since the building will take a couple days to catch up to the cooler weather, so I wore thick leggings, a jacket and boots. Full on Fall style.

August 25

Jacket, Forever XXI
Blouse, Target
Pants/Leggings things, mark
Boots, second hand
Beads, Grandmama Bea

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Je Ne Parle Pas Fran├žais

Do you shop at Kohl’s? I had not until recently. The thing I have noticed about Kohl’s is that everything is pretty much always on sale. The tag says “$44” but the SIGN says "50% off” so really it’s $22. But then Kohl’s sends you a gift card for $10. And then it’s 12 bucks. That is how this skirt was 12 bucks.

August 24

It almost feels like stealing. Or like I’m cheating the system somehow because basically I’ve shopped there maybe 4 times and the deals have been pretty much the same every time, that is to say, they are crazy, and they constantly give me coupons on top of that.

August 24

Plus, at my Kohl’s anyway, the staff are actually pleasant when they check you out, but pretty much leave you be on the floor, which is the ideal combination for me.

August 24

Tee, Target
Skirt, Kohl’s
Pumps, Target
Necklace, Grandmama

Monday, August 23, 2010

Reading Rainbow

This may seem like kind of a random recommendation coming from me, because I think it counts as a "mommy blog" and I don't read a lot of those. Friends and family only, really. But I have to recommend Spying on the Swinney's, my girl Connie's blog.

(I totally stole this from her Facebook)

Sometimes lighthearted, sometimes deep. Almost always funny, and always always insightful, honest and refreshing. Her voice is unique and wonderful and I have totally fallen in love with her, her girls and her husband. It's one of my top 10 must read blogs. I check daily for updates, and I'm not even a mommy! She blogs about:

Raising her girls (who are, of course, polar opposites)
Being married
Being a Christian
Loving people
Her flaws
Her triumphs

And more. It's a really heartwarming fun read. Give it a try.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Are You Gonna Take The Bait?

My co-workers don’t often comment on my outfits, but I got tons of compliments on this tunic. It is fabulous. And I think it’s one of those universally flattering items. Small chest, big chest, plump, thin, round, tall, whatever. I think it would look casual and chic on just about anyone.

August 19

The magalog has it styled with a belt, and I am certain I will wear it that way come Fall, but for now I wanted to keep it light for Summer. And I think it looks really nice all on its own. Sort of slouchy and polished at the same time.

August 19
(Sometimes hair flipping can be confusing and require great concentration.)

August 19

PLUS, pockets. Am I right? How much do we love a well placed pocket? These do not add bulk and are in a place that makes them comfortable and easy to access.

August 19

The fabric is a pretty open weave, so layering is going to come in to play this Fall, but I could gain or lose 10 pounds and still look and feel really good in this tunic. (I know the mark listing refers to it as a “dress” but they cannot fool me. It is not a dress. It is a tunic. Please do not wear this without something under there to cover your bum. Ok?)

Honestly, I try not to do entire posts where I just rave about one thing, but I really love this. So there.

Tunic, mark
Leggings, Target
Shoes, Aldo
Bag, thrifted
Bracelet, Grandmama’s

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Put A Knife In My Chest Girl, And You Walked Out That Door

Ugh. Our morning goal lately is just to get a few good shots before my face starts to melt off. I mean I spend that whole 3 minutes putting it on, so I don’t want it to melt off before my co-workers can even see it.

Check it out. I liked this outfit so much it gave me a serious case of Sassy Face.

August 17


I’m not really that sassy, y’all. I’m pretty nice.

August 17

Sometimes I am even friendly!

August 17

But not often, because the truth is, I don’t like most people. Have we ever talked about that? Yeah, my first instinct is to not like people. I don’t actively dislike most people or anything, I just don’t actively like them. I find people, for the most part, are very disappointing. Even me! I have no idea where that comes from and it isn’t very Christian of me, but it’s the truth.

I like Y-O-U though. I’m sure of it.

Tunic, Urban Outfitters
Denim Trousers, Forever Xxi
Shoes, Aldo
Bag, Express
Raven Skull Necklace, Moon Raven Designs at Etsy
Beaded necklace, Grandmama’s

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Sit At Your Computer, Be A Good Girl

The camera battery died on us before I got any pictures I really loved. This one came out pretty nice…

August 16

But in this one I just look slightly irritated and half asleep.

August 16

That might be because I was slightly irritated and half asleep.

I’ve had this dress since just about the beginning of this blog and I’m not sure I’ve worn it the same way twice. I wear it more in Fall/Winter, but I’m not sure why. It’s such a nice fit. And it is really well made, regardless of your opinion of Forever XXI.

I got some advice from some friends with lots of piercings and they said to soak my bum piercing in salt water. I’ve done that a few times now and I have to say it feels MUCH better, so I’m holding off on a Dr visit. Maybe I am just a slow healer. I do think it’s weird how the right ear seems just fine with what happened while the left is indignant and all puffed up about it. It so wasn’t that bad, left ear lobe, get over yourself.

August 16

Dress, Forever XXI
Cardigan, Target
Belt, Target
Shoes, Aldo
Bag, Express
Necklace and ring, Moon Raven Designs at Etsy

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I Don’t Have To Leave Anymore

Some of you asked what my speech was about, well, I’ll tell you! It was the “Ice Breaker” speech and it’s primary purpose is just to get you up there, speaking in front of people. I’m no stranger to public speaking, I was on the Academic Decathlon team in High School, and my specialties were speech and interview. And I minored in Speech at university. The Ice Breaker is normally a speech about you, though, and I think that is my least favorite thing to speak about! I love giving a Power Point on a new product, or instructing a class on how the new expense report software works, but speaking about myself, at work, not my thing. So to keep it personal but not too personal I talked about some of my favorite bands through the years and what they taught me. For the record, I spoke about The Monkees, The Cure, The Spice Girls and Girls Aloud.

And now, back to the hits. Or the outfits. Whatever.

Sunday night our friend Marjorie was DJ-ing for the first time ever at the Inwood Lounge, so we went down to support her. She did really well, and I really enjoyed her mix. Just the right mix of familiar tracks and new things to be fun. I can't wait to see her do it again!

August 15

That is a Kensie tunic my friend Laura gave me a month or so ago. I knew just how I wanted to style it right away, but it is so sheer I’ve been nervous to wear it, since the AC is on so high everywhere, I was afraid I would be cold, but the Inwood was at the perfect near 78 degree temps and I felt great. Glamorous AND comfortable, the perfect combination!

August 15

Saturday we went to see “Scott Pilgrim”. Go now. It was amazing. But while we were waiting for the movie to start I popped over to Claire’s and got my ears pierced, just second holes, nothing fancy. I’ve been wanting to do it for a while now, and I wanted to have it done at a salon, with a needle, but the difference in price was pretty extreme. So I went with the gun.

August 15

I got little CZ studs and it was much less painful than I remembered. The gun was also really quiet. And quick. Of course, the left one is starting to get infected, which pretty much always happens. I am doing everything right. Not touching, cleaning three times a day and washing my hands really well before I do that. My ears just do not like to be pierced. The only time that both healed quickly and cleanly was when I did it myself at home with embroidery needles. How crazy is that? I’m off to see the Dr. tomorrow and hopefully nip it in the bud. I do NOT want to have to take them out.

Tunic, hand me down from Laura, Kensie
Leggings, Target
Shoes, Aldo
Clutch, vintage, thrifted by Nathan
Necklace and talon earring, Moon Raven Designs at Etsy
Cross and chains earring, self made

Monday, August 16, 2010

Little Girl You Should Close Your Eyes

My first glasses, 1976

My first glasses, 1976. I was 6 months old, and already fashionable. Just LOOK at those perfect frames.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Nothin’ You Can Do, Cause I’m Stuck Like Glue To My Guy

My office has a Toastmasters Club, which I recently joined. For my first speech, I needed to look put together, and a little toned down.

August 12

I went with this purple blouse with pleating detail and some slim fit pants. I felt good. I wish you could see the shoes better, they are light gold high heels with a linen wrapped heel. I pulled some old photos just so you could see them, because I thought they looked really nice…

June 28June 28

August 12

And I kept the jewelry toned down with this beautiful pendant my Dad designed for my Grandmother and I inherited.

August 12

My mother and sister have copies as well, so I was glad to inherit this one, because I like the idea of us all having one to wear.

This bracelet was also my Grandmother’s, from her costume jewelry collection.

August 12

My speech went really well! I received very positive marks on my evaluation and I was so glad to have that first one behind me. Hopefully next time I won’t be as nervous, I was shaking like a leaf for the hour beforehand. And to make matters worse, my boss, who I joined to hang out with, had to go to a luncheon for executives off campus! But I am ready for that second speech now! The first one is always worst!

Blouse, Target
Trousers, Forever XXI
Sandals, Payless
Rings, Moon Raven Designs at Etsy
Necklace, inherited from my Grandmother, designed by my dad.
Bracelet, inherited from my Grandmothers costume jewelry collection

Thursday, August 12, 2010

You Don’t Have to Come and Confess, We Gonna Find You.

Is anyone else kind of burnt out on outfit photos? I think it’s the summer and my weight gain since last summer. I have clothes I can’t wear anymore, and as a result, I have fewer clothes to wear. PLUS, it’s summer and layering is a no go. Dear Fall, please hurry. The outfits you bring are more interesting, versatile and better at hiding that serving of fries I just ate, even though I said I wouldn’t.


Have I worn this skirt on the blog before? I know I’ve worn it a couple times but I can’t recall where and my co-workers seemed to think it was new, but it’s not. It’s by mark and it is reversible and very comfortable. The other side is plain black though and I have that covered so I doubt I’ll ever wear it that way. I bought it for the gorgeous stained glass window-esque print you see here.


I have heard some of you kids complaining about the heat where you are and saying “It was 95 degrees” and I just want you all to know, we consider that a cool front. I am serious. On the news this AM they referred to our upcoming 95 degree weather and a cool front moving in and I laughed. Then the weather guy pointed out that 95 is in fact 10 degrees cooler than we have been running on average.


I am reading “Handling The Undead” by John Ajvide Lindqvist, who also wrote the amazing “Let The Right One In”. It’s not due out here for a while, but I asked Caroline if she minded picking it up for me, because it was available in the UK already, in PAPERBACK! So we set up a swap. I sent her a couple pieces of jewelry I made for her and she sent me this book, which is amazing and I cannot recommend it enough. I also highly recommend “Let The Right One In” even if you have seen the movie, because it was one of the best books I’ve ever read. Rich and dark and involving.

Tee, Target
Skirt, mark
Shoes, Aldo
Bag, Express (ages ago)
Necklace, Moon Raven Designs at Etsy
Ring, Moon Raven Designs at Etsy
Book, “Handling The Undead" by John Ajvide Lindqvist courtesy of a swap with Caroline

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Moon Raven Designs

I love Etsy. I love the concept of Etsy, I love the community of Etsy. I love that when you buy from Etsy you are supporting that community. I have purchased lots of things from lots of sellers. I have even made repeat purchases from some, but nothing rivals the love affair I have with Moon Raven Designs.

Moon Raven Designs is handmade in Canada by Michael R Doyle (aka mrd74). He specializes in corvidae* skull jewelry, which as you know, I have a serious weakness for. No animals are ever harmed in the making of Moon Raven Designs jewelry. All of the original molds are made from animals that died of natural causes. The first thing I bought from Moon Raven Designs was a pair of tiny bronze raven skull earrings.

(Photo from Moon Raven Designs at Etsy)

I’ve worn the skulls a couple ways since then, as a necklace, and now as an earring on a different ear wire…


I was so impressed with the quality of the piece and the care that went into creating it, I started stalking the store for my next purchase, which as it turns out, was this adorable bat skull pendant.

(Photo from Moon Raven Designs at Etsy)

I know “cute” may not be the first thing to come to mind when you think about skulls or even bats, but there is no denying this little baby is adorable. I now have it paired on a chain with a bullet, and it remains one of my favorite pieces. The detail to the piece is almost impossible to capture in a photo. And I love that the little jaw is fully articulated, opening and closing, and I play with it all day.

Next, I purchased these raven claw earrings.

(Photo from Moon Raven Designs at Etsy)

I added a bit of chain and put them on a lever back earring, but they were lovely just as they are.


I tend to change the chain or earring on just about everything I buy, and with my Moon Raven Designs pieces, the real art is in the cast pieces, which to me, are tiny wearable pieces of art.

One of my most recent purchases is this tiny raven skull necklace, which I admire for its dainty size and delicate nature...

(Photo from Moon Raven Designs at Etsy)

I love how the bronze gives the appearance of gold at a much friendlier price point.

Tiny Bronze Raven Skull Pendant

I even put mine on gold chain.

But my absolute all time favorite piece from Moon Raven Designs is this:

(Photo from Moon Raven Designs at Etsy)

The Bronze Raven Claw Ring. It is just stunning. I saved for it for quite a while, and debated between this bronze version and the sterling silver one. In the end, I just really preferred the look of the bronze, and Mike assured me he had never heard of the bronze version turning anyone’s finger green (and it hasn’t!).

Bronze Raven Claw Ring

The detail of the ring wraps all the way around the finger,

Bronze Raven Claw Ring

And is visible both inside and out. It is bold, and striking and incredibly well made. The workmanship is amazing. And the bronze gives the look of 18K gold, which I just love.

Moon Raven Designs has many, many other things I’ve got my eye on. They offer great customer service, you can ask a question about anything and they always get right back to you. In my experience, everything ships within 1 business day and they do their best to make that happen for every order. I have to wait a little while because it comes to me from Canada, but the wait is always worth it. I can’t recommended them enough and I hope you will hop on over and find a favorite piece for yourself.

* Corvidae is the Latin name for the family of birds that includes the Crow, Raven, Jay and Magpie.

P.S. This post was written out of love, it is not a sponsored post and I was not solicited to write it, Moon Raven Designs just happens to be the love of my Etsy life, and I wanted to tell you all about it.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Baby I'm Howlin' For You

So just a casual weekend look for you today.

I had on a jacket.
July 30

But I took it off.
July 30

July 30

And added a dog. Who was giving the camera some serious side eye.
July 30

So I tried to give him some love, but he only managed to look even more pathetic.
July 30

So I tried ignoring him.
July 30

But it didn’t last long. Who can ignore a QT like that? Not me. That’s who.

Jacket, Alexander McQueen for Target
Tee, Smoke and Feathers
Jeans, ANA at JCPenny
Shoes, Aldo
Dog, P. Bitty Johnson