Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Sit At Your Computer, Be A Good Girl

The camera battery died on us before I got any pictures I really loved. This one came out pretty nice…

August 16

But in this one I just look slightly irritated and half asleep.

August 16

That might be because I was slightly irritated and half asleep.

I’ve had this dress since just about the beginning of this blog and I’m not sure I’ve worn it the same way twice. I wear it more in Fall/Winter, but I’m not sure why. It’s such a nice fit. And it is really well made, regardless of your opinion of Forever XXI.

I got some advice from some friends with lots of piercings and they said to soak my bum piercing in salt water. I’ve done that a few times now and I have to say it feels MUCH better, so I’m holding off on a Dr visit. Maybe I am just a slow healer. I do think it’s weird how the right ear seems just fine with what happened while the left is indignant and all puffed up about it. It so wasn’t that bad, left ear lobe, get over yourself.

August 16

Dress, Forever XXI
Cardigan, Target
Belt, Target
Shoes, Aldo
Bag, Express
Necklace and ring, Moon Raven Designs at Etsy


Clare said...

Hm, salt water...never heard that, but it makes sense for some reason. Hope it keeps improving!

And this dress is spectacular. The pattern is a bit optical-illusion chic (that's going to be the next big trend after boho chic) and it suits you perfectly!

EvaNadine said...

did the irritated one happen to hit on the cartilage? i used to have 4 holes in each ear, and the 4th one on the right side got badly infected (years later i had to have surgery to remove the keloids) and through trial and error i realized that my body always rejected cartilage piercings -- the right side had just barely touched the cartilage in my ear, where the left side still managed to stay just beneath it.
these days, i just rock single earrings, though i have been tempted to open up the 2nd and 3rd holes again!

Alannah said...

(girl, you know I love the title of this post!!)

YAY, so glad your ear is better. And I agree, the dress looks fab with that bold pattern--it's very you (and I don't remember ever seeing it before)!

I LOVE that ring on you. It's my favourite piece of jewelry on you since your WB Isabella Fang necklace, I think.


Lauren said...

No offense to anyone intended, but no one seems to know anything about piercings.

First of all, it is not good for you to get piercings done with a piercing gun. The little stud that they use is not nearly sharp enough to pierce without much blunt trauma. Real needles are much sharper. Also, depending on where you go, the guns are "reusable" and aren't sterilized between uses.

Next, and I say this because I had my ears pierced at a Claire's before I knew anything about piercings, the after care they give at those places is crap. You should NOT twist your jewelry around in the hole, as it will drag germs and debris though the fresh piercing, and irritate the piercing. Also, their cleaning solutions aren't very good for the piercing. Typically they contain stuff like alcohol and hydrogen peroxide, which is much too harsh. Sea salt soaks are what you should be using. Hot, it's a natural astringent and can be helpful in drawing out infection and pus. Here's a decent guide on aftercare:

One site you might want to check out is you don't have to be a member to search through the forum if you have a question that someone else may have already answered.

Dr. Da said...

I am really loving that look on you!

rlutz said...

love that versatile!

Rebecca said...

Thanks for your comment on my post. Love the print of that dress.

I had to use salt water when I got my belly button pierced back in the day.

Kathryn from Schoolmarm Style said...

The fit of that dress is wonderful on you. This is a great look.

Sally said...

Love this outfit!
Also, after getting several piercings I've discovered that getting pierced with a gun almost guarantees infection, whereas piercing with a needle is a lot less likely to.


KotMac27 said...

It so wasn’t that bad, left ear lobe, get over yourself.

Girl, that comment just!

Sal said...

You are the perfect mix of badass and ladylike. As always.

WendyB said...

Great shoes.

a said...

I love this outfit on you!! I think those shoes and that dress were made for each other.

April said...

you are so badass at dressing. I love it. and i adore the print on that dress, and the rocker chic-ness of those shoes :)

Melissa said...

I love that you're talking to your earlobe. That made me giggle.

Personally I think your pictures are great! And that dress really is great on you. Glad you were able to pull it out for summer.

Sheila said...

Lol, when I read "bum piercing" I thought you'd gotten your bum pierced! I'm still laughing, sorry, Erin! :)

That dress is amazing! I would do a coloured frilly crinoline or vintage slip under it to make it warmer for Fall.

You are rockin' those shoes like nobody's business, girl. God, those are great. I bet they'll look fab with coloured tights...

Sheila said...

Oh, and salt is a natural disinfectant (you can gargle with salt water for a sore throat). I did a research speech on it for Toastmasters!

Lovers, Saints & Sailors said...

I always have trouble with my left ear too. I've had them pierced since I was a kid but whenever I wear something in the left it gets all angry and sore.
Also, I had the top of my left ear pierced when I was about 12 and it bled for 6 weeks. I kept thinking "it'll stop, it'll stop." It never stopped. Now I have a black spot where it was pierced.

I'm not sure what the moral of this story is.

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IrishRedRose said...

I love that dress! I've had some great F21 items too. And people say Target clothes don't last--not so. You have to pick and choose but I've got pieces I've been wearing for five or more years. There's a satin dress there now that's so badly sewn it's an embarrassment; but also, a tailored dress/cardy set that looks like something from Nordstrom!

I owe you a HUGE thanks. Those shoes! I am not comfy with heels and usually do not go above 2 inches. Also, I have narrow, flat, sensitive, crabby feet and normally can only wear narrow comfort sandals.

But!! Your review of those fab Aldos made me think "hmmmm" so I risked it and got a pair. O.M.G. you are soooo right about them!!! They are balanced, stable, and totally comfortable; I've worn them ALL day, walked around campus etc. with no problems at all. My feet were perfectly happy. And, I've gotten tons of compliments.

Erin: you rock!!!

Jodie said...

I think this is my pic f you wearing those shoes. The just really spark up that outfit to take it from pretty to wow.

RubyAlison said...

I wish I could kidnap your wardrobe... and look as good in it as you do.

I love every single outfit you wear. You wear outfits my better self would wear if I had a better self. We have different taste in jewelry though so it's not a total clone.

Rock on with your speech-making. Hope your ear heals up alright. And high five for loving The Cure!

-RubyAlisonBirdMadGirlCureGirl (though lately I'm just obsessed with Gogol Bordello...)

Amanda Ann said...

I'm delurking in support of the divergent issues of Forever 21's occasional quality and your ear.

Your dress is fabulous. That pattern seems like it would indeed do the seasonless thing well. What's the top like - does it have sleeves? Anyway, I have stuff from F21 that folks have mistaken for J. Crew, so I'm totally with you there.

Other subject - when I got my nose done, I was strongly counseled against cleaning more than twice a day (and cautioned to clean only with the sea salt/water mixture that seems already to be clearing you right up). I read in the post below that you were cleaning it three times a day, which perhaps was irritating it? So glad it's feeling better. Here's to entirely new combinations of earrings on a single ear.

Jodie said...

Ok my comment went wrong! My fav pic is what I was going for.

Life with Kaishon said...

I freaking LOVE that dress. Love. Love. LOVE it! : )

I'm sorry about the piercing. It hurt just reading about it.

Kyla said...

I'm getting caught up on your blog and am about to comment like 25 times, so hold on.

First, this dress looks amazing on you! I can't believe how awesome those shoes look with everything - great purchase!

Also, back when I had my nose pierced, sea salt water worked wonders, so stick with it. Most times, the natural remedies are much less damaging than the chemically cleansers they give you. Good luck with it!