Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I Want To Ride My Bicycle, Bicycle, Bicycle

There is an open air market a few blocks over from our new house about once a month. We went this past weekend to grab some local honey (GREAT for allergies!) and while we were there we spotted this bike for sale by a nice gentleman that repairs old bikes...

Nathan bought it for me...but I had to ride it home. I'm not sure I've been on a bike at all in the past 15 years, but I made it the 5 blocks home (would have been 3 if I had remembered to turn at the soccer field like I was told!).

And I did it in heels.

Silk tank, Buffalo Exchange
Velvet leggings, Target
Ankle boots, Dansko

Monday, September 12, 2011

In My Room

This post is going to be very picture heavy. I just can't help myself. Our house is coming along. We still need to buy a chair for the living room, and a pub table for the dining area. Today I have to put my books away in a bookcase from IKEA Nathan spent hours putting together for me.

But one room is just a little more exciting to me than all the other rooms combined. My dressing room. When you walk in, the first thing you see is a distressed black bookcase with shoes and bags.

The creepy face artwork is something I've saved for years. Nathan and I have long since used magazines as wrapping paper and the face is a collage he made as wrapping paper years ago that I framed.

Next to the bookshelf is a rolling rack.* This rolling rack has band tees and silk tank tops. I use the ends of the rolling racks to hang bags, and there is also a wire shelving system nestled in the rack for more bags.

Then I have a dresser, and another rolling rack (dresses, skirts and pants) and a waterfall. The dresser has jeans, shorts and casual wear like PJs and sweatpants.

(That little glass jar is where I collect all my tags from Buffalo Exchange)

Around the corner is another tiny dresser. I got this dresser, which I use for lingerie, as well as my vanity and stool from Craigslist. It took weeks of searching before the right pieces showed up, but I got them for a steal and saved hundreds of dollars over buying them new. Plus they are JUST what I wanted, even down to the soft cream color.

I've got my earrings and rings on display as well as this ceramic cupcake from Valentines Day a couple years ago and some adorable kittens friends brought me back from a road trip several years ago.

The vanity holds all my cosmetics in those drawers, which are bigger than they look.

I paid 2 bucks for that at a thrift store. I'd have paid 20. It's so adorable and so ridiculous.

My favorite style books, a Hello Kitty from Alannah, and an adorable little deer made for me by a friend. The deer is one of my most prized possessions.

Next to the vanity is a rack of jackets. I know I can only wear them a few months a year, and I don't need as many as I have, but I can't help myself. I love them. And this is not even all of them, some of them are in the cedar closet in the other room.

This lamp makes everything faintly pink. I love that.

There are shoes all along the floor in addition to the bookshelf...

So that's it! It's the nicest, most amazing thing ever. And it's perfect. The only thing I need to do now is to hang some blackout curtains in the windows, and find a place for a couple more pictures from my Grandmothers house (laying there on that blue dresser, which my sister gave me. My room is full of family and friends) and find the right mirror. I'm pretty sure I've found it, it is full length and it swivels on it's stand to get the best angle every time.

What do you think?

*I got the rolling racks from the Container Store and they are SUPER sturdy and affordable.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Blogger iPhone App (test!)

A little test and a little sneak peak of my dressing room! Tour to come, but I LOVE it!