Saturday, August 27, 2011

Gold Dust In Our Hand

Nathan hates these shorts. They are:


He thinks it's too much. I don't even know if I would know "too much" anymore if it slapped me right in the face. I love them.

I wore them today with a plain black silk tee, but I think they pair well with any number of tee shirts and tanks. And I think they will be great in the fall with tights. I mean...LEATHER GOLD METALLIC. The only thing that could be better is...I don't even know.

I am also wearing my new favorite piece of jewelry. It is by a fellow blogger and one of my top 10 jewelry artists of all time, My Own Little Universe. And she is super affordable for the quality of work she produces. Each piece is one of a kind. This is sterling double finger pyrite matrix ring.

Here is a pic I stole from the listing as well, just to impress you even more...

Just LOOK at all the colors. I love it. It reminds me of looking at deep space. And for a two finger ring it's very comfortable. The smaller sized ring fits my pointer finger like a normal ring and the middle finger ring fits about a size too big. What that means is that the ring fits really well, and is in no danger of falling off, since that first finger is thr right size, BUT I also have range of motion to type, count change and work with clothes at work. It's absolutely perfect. Please shop her store if you can! She is amazing.

Silk Tee, Forever XXI via Buffalo Exchange
Leather shorts, vintage via Buffalo Exchange
Heels, Target
Ring, My Own Little Universe

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves

(Or, I Am Overly Smug And Proud of Even The Smallest Craft Projects)

When we move (just a few weeks now!) into the house I will be getting my own small room to turn into a closet. I have been slowly thinking of ways to make it the most efficient closet I can including ordering 3 rolling racks and a waterfall (for staging outfits I think of for later wear).

I'm still on the hunt for a vanity (I have a mirror and a lamp, I need a smallish table with a nice sized drawer, I'm hoping to thrift it) and a chair. I also still need a rug. But I'm getting there. I have a couple of really cute jewelry storage things I've been working on for the problem of my overflowing collection of adornments. The first is this ring display I ordered from etsy.

After giving it a test run I removed all the foam rolls and unscrewed the legs. Then I painted the whole thing a much cheerier turquoise/teal color.

I also took a chance on a really ugly, sad, brown FILTHY little glass door jewelry box from Goodwill. It was $1.99. (No before shots, sorry, sometimes I get ahead of myself) I removed the drawers and carefully painted the whole thing the same color as the ring display. Then I put my earrings, both dangly and stud in it.

(The actual color is somewhere between this color and the color it appears in the other pictures. It's a very bright turquoise, almost teal)

Jewelry box for earrings

I am pretty sure the little carousel wheel is meant for necklaces, but I don't know anyone with necklaces that short, and earrings seemed to fit really well in it. I'm really happy with how it came out.

No, I don't Want Your Number, No, I Don't Want to Give You Mine

I went out last night with my co-workers for a little karaoke. I sang "Slow" by Kylie Minogue and then more yelled than sang things like "9 to 5" and "No Scrubs". I wore this...


Target clogs

Cuff by NestRings
Ram and poison crossIt might also be a goat. It's pretty.

Tank, Urban outfitters
Shorts, Forever xxi
Bag by Fossil via Buffalo Exchange, spikes added by me
Belt vintage via Buffalo Exchange
Necklace via Buffalo Exchanged refashioned by me
Sweater and clogs, Target
Cuff, Nest via Buffalo Exchange
Talon Ring, Moon Raven Designs
Pinky Ring and cross poison ring via Buffalo Exhchange
Ram/Goat (not sure really), from Stephanie

Stephanie wore this...


Silk playsuit (JCrew) and vest via Buffalo Exchange.
Bag Alexander Wang via V.O.D. in Dallas, tail charm via Buffalo Exchange

I can't compete with an Alexander Wang cross body with rose gold studs. I just can't. But I can still come up with something pretty awesome. Stephanie pulled this Fossil bag for me at work, and placed it on my hold. It was missing a rivet on the left side, so I simply popped the rivet off the right side and added spikes up both sides.

It actually came out pretty awesome if I do say so myself. It's basically perfect now and at $30.00 for the whole thing I couldn't be more pleased. Sometimes the Goodwills here charge more than that for ripped and stained Fossil bags, so it was a great price!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Jump Around, Jump Around, Jump Up Jump Up And Get Down

I just really like silk rompers. I like to call them playsuits. That way when I put them on and run errands all day it feels less like work.

I've started packing. Oh man. I forgot how overwhelming that was. I enjoy it, and I like using it as a time to get rid of excess, but it's tiring and I'm just hoping I have time to get it all packed by the big day!

Someone else is moving around the same time, maybe you heard? Can't tell a lie y'all, I'm excited.

Silk Playsuit - Madewell via Buffalo Exchange
Gold Leather Bag, vintage via Buffalo Exchange
Shoes, Nordstrom Rack
Headband/Turban thing, Urban Outftters

Thursday, August 11, 2011

You Know It's Summer In The City And The Sun Is High

I have been...

Hanging out with my amazing husband...

and my adorable puppy...

wearing all the rings all the time...

making Adventure Time paper dolls...

And getting new glasses.

I'm also trying to remember to have fun during August, which is our busiest month at the store, and thinking about my upcoming move at the end of the month, and in general, just being busy and offline. I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer and finding time to relax and enjoy the ride.

Monday, August 1, 2011

I See In Different Lights

I got this romper at Buffalo the other day (via Trade, of course!) and since I was meeting the girls (Katie, Tina, Julie and Elissa)after work, I knew I had to bring it in and show it to Elissa. Because Elissa loves me, but she hates rompers, and I love to tease her about it. She thought it was super cute, when she thought it was a dress. When she discovered it was a romper she rolled her eyes at me and gave up on trying to talk sense into me. I'm not easy to talk sense into.

I wore it three days in a row. No lie. Friday, Saturday and then to work on Sunday. I suppose I'll have it dry cleaned now, but there's a dry cleaner next to work, so it's not even really a bother. And three days wallowing about in silk and nothing else is worth a little dry cleaning bill if you ask me.

Elissa, you can borrow it whenever you want. <3

Silk romper, Eliot via Buffalo Exchange
Cardigan, American Apparel
Shoes, Collin Stuart for Victoria's Secret
Leather bag, Thrifted by Nathan
Ring and cuff, Moon Raven Designs at Etsy.
Sunglasses Forever XXI about 3 years ago. Maybe 4...