Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I Don’t Have To Leave Anymore

Some of you asked what my speech was about, well, I’ll tell you! It was the “Ice Breaker” speech and it’s primary purpose is just to get you up there, speaking in front of people. I’m no stranger to public speaking, I was on the Academic Decathlon team in High School, and my specialties were speech and interview. And I minored in Speech at university. The Ice Breaker is normally a speech about you, though, and I think that is my least favorite thing to speak about! I love giving a Power Point on a new product, or instructing a class on how the new expense report software works, but speaking about myself, at work, not my thing. So to keep it personal but not too personal I talked about some of my favorite bands through the years and what they taught me. For the record, I spoke about The Monkees, The Cure, The Spice Girls and Girls Aloud.

And now, back to the hits. Or the outfits. Whatever.

Sunday night our friend Marjorie was DJ-ing for the first time ever at the Inwood Lounge, so we went down to support her. She did really well, and I really enjoyed her mix. Just the right mix of familiar tracks and new things to be fun. I can't wait to see her do it again!

August 15

That is a Kensie tunic my friend Laura gave me a month or so ago. I knew just how I wanted to style it right away, but it is so sheer I’ve been nervous to wear it, since the AC is on so high everywhere, I was afraid I would be cold, but the Inwood was at the perfect near 78 degree temps and I felt great. Glamorous AND comfortable, the perfect combination!

August 15

Saturday we went to see “Scott Pilgrim”. Go now. It was amazing. But while we were waiting for the movie to start I popped over to Claire’s and got my ears pierced, just second holes, nothing fancy. I’ve been wanting to do it for a while now, and I wanted to have it done at a salon, with a needle, but the difference in price was pretty extreme. So I went with the gun.

August 15

I got little CZ studs and it was much less painful than I remembered. The gun was also really quiet. And quick. Of course, the left one is starting to get infected, which pretty much always happens. I am doing everything right. Not touching, cleaning three times a day and washing my hands really well before I do that. My ears just do not like to be pierced. The only time that both healed quickly and cleanly was when I did it myself at home with embroidery needles. How crazy is that? I’m off to see the Dr. tomorrow and hopefully nip it in the bud. I do NOT want to have to take them out.

Tunic, hand me down from Laura, Kensie
Leggings, Target
Shoes, Aldo
Clutch, vintage, thrifted by Nathan
Necklace and talon earring, Moon Raven Designs at Etsy
Cross and chains earring, self made


Clare said...

I absolutely adore this sheer tunic. This is a perfect night-out outfit, and it sounds like you had a blast.

Oooh, and I hope the ear heals up quickly! Mine always get infected, too, and it sucks.

Melissa said...

Ugh, I remember getting my second holes the first time, and I had to let them close up. I had my navel pierced too, but had to let that close towards the end of my pregnancy. Won't be doing that one again any time soon. Hope they can clear up the infection quickly and leave the earrings in!

I agree with Clare, this is a perfect night outfit! You look fantastic!

Sal said...

The tunic is fantastically glam! And hope the doc can help with the new piercings ... youch!

Twills said...

I just thought I'd take this opportunity to tell you how adorable I think you are. I've been reading for a while but I don't think I've spoken out before. I really love your style and not just because we share the same vibe, including the hair (with the bump!), the glasses and the tattoos. I love your blog, and your wonderful personality shines through as well. I hope you have a great week. :)

just my style said...

Those shoes with leggings are fabulous! Good Luck at the Doctor... :(

Cara said...

The tunic is fabulous on you!

I can't wait to see Scott Pilgrim... I bought Vol. 6 a couple weeks back, but brought Vol. 5 on the plane with me, and I devoured it (for the second time) before we even boarded! I get back home early on Saturday, and my plan is to shower, nap, and read Vol. 6, so when my fiancé gets off work, I'll be awake, clean, and so excited to see the movie that night!

Nikole R said...

When i got my ears pierced for the 3rd and last time I got my 1st infection. The area around it was so tender and swollen that when i got home one day i just took it out and that's how i knew it was infected. I ended up squeezing out the not so nice stuff and washed it in warm salt water and that did the trick for me and I continued to use the salt water until it healed completely

HollyElise said...

I love the tunic!

I got my third holes done at Claires recently, and ended having to take the left one out and let it heal over. But I think it is because she pierced it too close to the cartilage. SO - now I have 3 earrings in one ear, 2 in the other and I actually like it!

I'm seeing Scott Pilgrim today and I'm So Excited! Glad you liked it!

hillary said...

It gross how many time I have had my ears pierced and re pierced. I took my nose out at the end of last year which I DID NOT WANT TO DO. I did it in my sleep. My belly button about 5 years ago. Why I ever did it I dont know. I don't like my belly so it's not like anyone ever saw it.

I have 8 active holes in my ears but I never think to put anything in the other ones. I did them to piss off my step dad. he hated and the more he got mad the more I wanted to do more. I was NOT a rebellious child that was the extent of TRYING to piss him off. I just naturally piss people off the rest of the time. :p

Oh so long story short. I'm going home and looking for something to put in the other holes.I only use 7 of them. one is crooked and it hurts. I had 9 at one point.

My cousin's wife has that little nubin in her ear done and I wonder if you can wear headphones. Can you hear it rustle?

Chelsea said...

Awww I hope your ear heels quickly! Infected piercings SUCK. All you want (or what I've wanted) to do is take 'em out and let them heal, but seeing your doc to try to nip it in the bud is a better plan of course :)

Also, that tunic is AMAZING! I love how you styled it with leggings and those rockstar wedges. Glorioius!

Rebecca said...

That tunic looks great on you, and those shoes are still fantastic and very you.

I always have a hard time speaking about myself. Public speaking isn't scary for me, but having to be creative and sharing personal info can be intimidating.

Sheila said...

Holy shamoly, that is a gorgeous tunic!

I have two piercings in each ear - three years ago, I got real diamonds for the top holes. Swanky!

Kristin said...

lovely, and the shoes add just the perfect edge!

What a great topic for your ice breaker, I bet it was great :o) I've been in Toastmasters for almost two years now, and it's a highlight of each week for me. (I even got my husband to join with me after he heard me talking about how much fun I was having.) Hope you enjoy it!

Hope that infection gets stopped in its tracks. I still miss my cute cartilage piercing that got all wonky. *grrr*

WendyB said...

I wish some of your speaking confidence would rub off on me!

GlitrVamp said...

Hawt! That is how I would describe this look on you. I am so jealous of you for owning that tunic but it looks so fab on you that I can forgive.

Good luck on the ears! Hopefully you'll get to keep the piercing. :)

Emily Kennedy said...

Love the tunic! Especially the way you've styled it with the leggings and shoes!

Best of luck on healing your piercing!

Kyla said...

You. Look. Awesome.

That's all :)