Friday, January 23, 2009

Two Things.

This post is to show you two things.

1. I DO sometimes wear just jeans and a tee. And I like it.
2. I am not doing such a great job with the viewfinder on my hand-me-down Rebel just yet.

I’ll start with number 2. Maybe someone has some advice? The viewfinder…lies. I line up a shot…I think I’m good…I’m not. For now, I am trying to take a couple test shots and see what actually ends up in frame, but when you are shooting outdoors, it’s hard to stay in the lines, and for some reason, the lines are MUCH less forgiving than my point and shoot was. And some of these shots would have been really cute if I had been in frame!

Jan 19

Argh!~ Seriously. I did not get s SINGLE head to toe shot where I was all in frame. I’ll learn I’m sure.

Jan 19

And now for number one...this tee is actually 12 years old. Nathan got it at an outlet mall when we were dating, and for some reason he didn’t love it, but I did. And I’ve loved it ever since. It’s super soft, it doesn’t pill or fray. I love the super casual drape on it. And I love the color. And because it’s 12 years old, and a TEE SHIRT, I’m calling it vintage.

Jan 19

This jacket used to be a better fit. I still like it, but I don’t love it now. I’ve had it since I was a size 14. It’s one of maybe 2 things I’ve kept.

I love this necklace, and the geode was super cheap.

Jan 19

Jan 19

I wanted one for a while, but they are really popular right now and as a result, the nicer ones are overpriced. So I made my own. Necklace. Not Geode. The Geode is nature-made. :)

Blazer, vintage and thrifted
Tee, Calvin Klein, vintage
Jeans, Seven, thrifted
Boots, Neiman Marcus, thrifted and vintage
Necklace, Love Erin Designs


a cat of impossible colour said...

Ooh, I LOVE your new hair colour!

Sal said...

That geode is gorgeous - you nabbed a good 'un.

Alannah said...

One time when I was in elementary school, I found a geode on my way to school and broke it open. It was maybe a little bigger than the one you made the necklace with. After I took it home and left it in my room, I got sick like I can't explain... it didn't feel like anything else I've ever come down with. Long story short, I threw the geode out and felt better immediately. I've been scared of them ever since! (and now I sound like a FREAK, but whatever).

I love those earthy colours on you, especially with your hair. <3

Indy said...

oh - I like that necklace - very unique! Also, your hair color is stunning! It's wonderful with your skin tone!

I love your jeans and tee look - I can not pull it off and look so chic! I'll have to work on that.


futurelint said...

that necklace is awesome! I really wish I'd seen this before I went home for christmas break! I've totally got a bunch of geodes from when I was a kid... unfortunately my mom's a second grade teacher and she stole them all for her "science table". Now I've got a reason to go visit and steal them back!

inflammatory writ said...

I had to check this out to see your new hair color, and I love it!

futurelint said...

ooh, I tagged you on my blog today!

Tania said...

love the necklace! I have a magnet version on my fridge! I want the necklace version now!