Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Life In A Gold Plated Body Cast

I'm not sure where in the new house to take pictures. So I'm going to try a couple places. The first one I tried was my dressing room. I get dressed in there...


It's a pretty great room, but not, I think the right place for pictures as it turns out.

Whatever, who cares? Because it finally got cold and I got to wear LAYERS. And FUR and GIANT BOOTS.



Those boots. I love them. The beading, the suede, the ridiculous rabbit fur. I got them maybe two or three months ago and it was pretty rough waiting for the cold. But it came and it even stayed a few days.


And I STILL think you can never go wrong with a silk romper. Unless you also have on two cardigans and a pair of tights and you have to pee and the bathroom is occupied and you KNOW that even after you get in there you have to take off ALL YOUR CLOTHES before you can pee...but really, even then, I still vote yes on silk rompers.

Leather jacket, Wilson's Leather
Rabbit fur cowl, Buffalo Exchange
Cardigan, Target
Layering Cardigan, Alternative Apparel
Silk Romper, Buffalo Exchange
Tights, Target
Boots, Buffalo Exchange
Necklace, self made


Tiffany said...

SHUT UP with that gorgeous dressing room!! I love it. And you look fabulous.

Kimi said...

*GASP* Rabbit Fur Coat is one of my fave Jenny Lewis songs. I LOVE YOU for invoking it. Also: Leopard, layers and (faux, ideally) fur 4-eva. Glad you're blogging again, girl.

kori said...

What a fun re-intro post! :) I love that striped wrap you're wearing. And also love that your dressing room looks like a cute little boutique!

Lovers, Saints & Sailors said...

You make a good argument...

Elissa said...

Why do you constantly make me question my Henry Rollins-like hardcore anti-romper stance by always looking amazing in them? Why do you own a leopard print rug and I do not? And why is there no close-up photo of those boots???

These things will keep me awake tonight.


Linda said...

aH GOOd ol mukluks. The warmest boots on the planet...ruined quite easily by salt...

Unknown said...

You are georgeous as always! Missed seeing your pretty face around the blog-o-sphere. (hhmmm.... sounds kinda stalkerish, no?)

Unknown said...

Jelli! of your dressing room. I just want to give your boots a big ol' hug. They are fantastic. Yup...I did the whole sweater on top of a romper thing and went to drink beer somewhere. I got pretty good at peeing without taking the whole sweater off by the end of the night!