Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Blister In The Sun

Every year I struggle with what to wear on Fair Day. The outfit must be comfortable in both heat and cold, have comfortable walking shoes, a manageable bag with extra room and still be stylish enough that I feel good in it. This years effort...

State Fair Style

State Fair Style

"The Gossip" by Bjorn Wiinblad
"The Gossip" by Bjorn Wiinblad

Every year we try a couple of the fried delights on offer. This year he tried friend salsa and I had the sweet potato praline poppers.

Fried Salsa

Sweet Potato Praline Poppers

We visited the butterfly house

Butterfly house

and saw a Monarch butterfly get tagged.

A tagged Monarch butterfly

And I got my first henna tattoo

getting my henna tatto from Henna By Cy

henna tattoo

We had a great time.


Dress, Free People via Buffalo Exchange
Bag, Buffalo Exchange
Boots, Doc Martens Via Buffalo Exchange
Watch, SWATCH, thrifted
Studded leather cuff, Buffalo Exchange
Necklace, The Shining, Dallas (closed)
Claw ring, Etsy
Trinity ring, Buffalo Exchange
Skull ring, I honestly don't remember


Franca said...

Looks like a brilliant day! love the henna tattoo!

Fashion Flirt said...

I was just wondering what you'd been up to this morning!

Aside from the fact that you look AWESOME (I love this outfit), you've inspired me to wear my floral docs I've had since 1996 today. :)

GFS said...

Is it safe to say that you hand your check over to Buffalo Exchange when you get paid?

Looks like fun at the fair. I've never been to the State Fair:(

Patti said...

What a very fun day. The poppers sound so delicious : > Your outfit is super-adorable too.

Erin said...

Hey there! Good to see you again. BTW, the crew at Serious Eats.com are ALL OVER those salsa balls. Nom, nom!

I love the dress - it is so WWWYG :)

Lauren said...

Hello! First time reader here, and I was just wondering--do you work at Buffalo Exchange? Because that might explain a lot. I moved from Austin to Iowa City last year and I really miss having a Buffalo around!

Chalkdust and Boots said...

You look SPECTACULAR and I've missed you.

Also, that day looks like a lot of fun. :)

Destrehan's Daughter said...

Is this the Texas State Fair because I was just there? I love their ferris wheel.

D'Rae said...

You guys look adorable! You also look like you had a fantastic time!

One Girl said...


I hear ya - fair day is a complicated thing to dress for. I did short dress too. I added some bicycle shorts underneath for extra walking comfort :)

WendyB said...

The gossip photo is adorable.

Mademoiselle Lala said...

Your glasses are sooo pretty! :) Loving your tattoo too! ;) X


HI. I'm Julie. The Stalker. said...

Just stumbled upon our blog - super fun. And I lurve your henna tattoo.


Vanessa said...

Love your bag and your whole outfit so much. The docs look great with the floral dress. It's so fabulously 90s but updated and fresh and chic. Which, as a teen of the 90s is probably why I'm in love. (it's very Janeane Garofalo circa Reality Bites. Love love love.)

Ronise said...

you look better and younger each passing day!

Anonymous said...

Seriously? These pics look like you're living the time of your life. Austin, hey? I've been trying to get there since forever.