Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Last weekend we went to funfunfunfest in Austin. I saw so many friends and had such a good time but I did NOT get to spend enough time with Laurel. I ran into her at, I think, the blue stage on Friday, and planned to meet up with her again later, but the cell signals were nil all day for us and I never found her again. Sad face.

I also didn't manage to get an outfit pic the first day. I was too busy having funfunfun. I got a snapshot of my pal Nick photobombing me though!

And this picture of my legs showcasing both the gorgeous sun and the DIRT. (Those are black boots.)The reason everyone in Austin festival pictures is always wearing a neckerchief is the dust. It swirls and dances and will end up right in your lungs if you're not careful!

Saturday I did better and managed this one outfit pic. This outfit was perfect, but I do have to dry clean that silk top now!

Silk blouse, Joie via Buffalo Exchange
Jeans, Heritage 1981 via Buffalo Exchange
Boots, Dansko via Zappos (BEST ANKLE BOOTS OF ALL TIMES)

Those are totally my favorite jeans right now. I got them for 11 bucks at Buffalo in the men's department.

Sunday I finally thought to pose for an outfit picture. Largely due to my love of the Lykke Li tee I had bought the night before after her set, which was AMAZING. AMAZING. Totally my favorite of the fest. And the shirt is gorgeous.

Tee, Lykke Li show
Leather shorts, boots, Buffalo Exchange
Tights, Target
Bottle necklace, Buffalo Exchange
Magnifying glass necklace,Love Nail Tree booth at FFFF

I LOVE THOSE SHORTS. Just so you know. Leather shorts are my favorite thing of all time (right now). I have 3 pairs. 2 black and 1 gold. And I adore them.*

yellow wrist band, FFFF
Bangles, turquoise ring, trinity ring, Buffalo Exchange
Claw ring, Black Oak
Opal ring, Coldwater Creek (ages ago, a gift)
wedding band, Jame Avery
Spinner ring, Some silver site I was obsessed with and can't even remember now.

Other than the Lykke Li show, the best thing I saw was Page and Stephen's fun wedding. I thought it was going to be sketch comedy. But it was a real wedding. A very sweet and fun wedding. Officiated by HENRY ROLLINS. (these pics are bad. I only had my phone, I had no idea something this cool was about to happen.)

The bride had on the BEST dress for the occasion and setting and looked so super cute!

I laughed and cried in equal measure.


And if all that wasn't cool enough, I spent a good 20 minutes watching Ryan Gosling watch some band I don't remember. I was too busy staring at RYAN GOSLING. I had heard he was there and Nathan finally located him for me Sunday. What a good husband.

*Nathan told me last week he kind of hates leather shorts. That made me sad. But it didn't make me not wear them!


Unknown said...

Sounds like it was a funfunfun time!! And I am just dying over your outfits - so fabulous - each one!!

Destrehan's Daughter said...

It sounds like this might be something to check out in the future. I love the rings on your hand shot and I am a little scared of leather shorts but maybe I will have to scour a bit now.

LNR said...

Oh, this post makes me miss Austin! FFF started up the year I left for school, and because it happens at such an awkward time I've never made it home for it! Glad to live vicariously through your post, though. I dig Lykke Li. And your absorbant amounts of Buffalo Exchange. When I'm home for my fall/"Thanksgiving" break in a couple of weeks I'll probably spend a small fortune because I MISS GOOD THRIFT STORES.

Anonymous said...

saxy sax man knows more than one song?!?!?!!?

Franca said...

oh man, what an amazing thing, henry rollins marrying you! I love both your outfits too!

Linda said...

Damn, you are scary hot. Seriously. I love your leather shorts, please keep them in rotation.

TrophyBoutique said...

Wah! I can't believe we only saw each other so briefly! Wahhh again. I love all of your outfits.

Chalkdust and Boots said...

You're looking AMAZING, lady. I've missed you!

Kyla said...

You had me at Ryan Gosling. So. Jealous. :(

kori said...

Yay! So excited to see a post on your blog. I was checking it last night and wondering what you've been up to. So jealous you spied Ryan Gosling! And witnessing that wedding must have been so fun.

Sal said...

Ahhh, I've missed you, girl! You look amazing, and looks like you've been having some goooood times.

WendyB said...

Yay for photobombing! Love your little topknot.

Alison at Wardrobe Oxygen said...

You are freaking KILLING me! First you look fab as all get out in your ensembles (the cut/neckline of that Lykke Li tee is fabulous and I WANT LEATHER SHORTS!). Then you're at a fest, which of course makes me jealous. Then I see HENRY ROLLINS! And finally RYAN GOSLING? WTF? I need to move south and hang with you and your fabulous self!

Always psyched to see a post from you!