Monday, June 18, 2012

Yesterday's Gold

Jane had a DJ gig a couple weeks back at The Texas Theater so we went to check it out. We didn't get to stay for the whole night, since we had another show to get to, but we heard a couple of hours and she did a great job!

I wore this:

And I LOVED it. I often dress young for my age. I'm OK with that, but this outfit felt age appropriate, but still young and fresh. And that silk skirt! Swish swish swish. So Lush.


I've been finding ways to wear this denim studded vest everywhere because it has so many pockets, I can leave the handbag at home and it's so freeing.



Vest, Vintage Levi's boys jacket, DIY
Body suit, vintage, thrifted
Skirt, Vintage
Shoes, Aldo
Silver bangles, Buffalo Exchange
Dragon Bracelet, John Hardy, gift
Necklace, pyrite and agate, Love Erin Designs

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Semicosmic said...

Love your vest, beautiful necklace as well!