Friday, November 13, 2009

I Found Out I Often Disagree

(My face is totally white washed by the sun in a kind of creepy way in all my pictures today. Happy Friday the 13th!~)

This entire outfit was styled around my desire to carry my new handbag. My husband thrifted it yesterday for $2.00 and it is Banana Republic. I have lusted after BR’s bags for a while now, but they are really expensive and the larger ones never seem to go on sale. So this was a really exciting thrift gift for me.

November 13

It’s smaller than I normally carry so I had to really edit down my bag, but it is so pretty. The leather needs conditioning but is amazingly soft and I love that extra long fringe zipper pull. And also? $2.00!~

November 13

I really like this outfit. It has a more boho vibe tan I normally wear, less rock and roll I think. But it’s dressy and casual all at once and just as perfect for Fridays at my office as it is for going out tonight. I love knowing I won’t have to change before going out on Friday nights, but I find those kinds of outfits to be really elusive for me, because if it’s tame enough for the office, it never feels fun enough to go out in.

November 13

And the leather of the bag perfectly matches the leather on these Matisse boots. The pebble texture of the leather is even the same.

November 13

Invest in a good boot when you can! I got these when we were both working and they were on the pricy side, but they still look great and I expect to get at least a couple more years wear out of them, which in the end, will make them cheaper than anything I might have picked up at Payless or Target.

November 13

I topped it off with a few necklaces. My bone necklace…

bone bead

A beaded necklace of unknown origin and a garnet necklace. I actually made the garnet necklace for my mom, and last year she asked me to deconstruct it and make it into something else. I do this to my own stuff all the time, because I get bored. But I just cannot do it to this piece. It took too long to find the right beads, and to decide on a pattern and to actually make. And it’s such a heavy decadent piece, all semi precious stone and no filler, and the thought of taking it apart just….eh. I don’t want to. I still have some of the beads left from the order and so I can use those to make her something else.

November 13

And of course my bat skull. The seller actually sells two different bat skulls. This one is considered the “cute” one. Which is totally true, because I think it’s adorable, but also really funny because what kind of a creep calls a bat skull “cute”?*

November 13

*this kind obviously!~ It is ADORABLE.

Jacket, Forever XXI
Blouse, Wal-Mart
Pull on jeans, Forever XXI
Boots, Matisse
Bag, Banana Republic, Thrifted
Bag charm, self made
Garner necklace, Self made
Bone necklace, Love Erin Designs
Bat skull necklace, mrd74 at Etsy
Fuchsia bead necklace, unknown


Linda said...

I am uber jelous of that find. Oh and the boots look delicious! You pull boho chic off very well!

Fell 4 Fashion said...

That is one fabulous jacket!! Love this whole mix :)

Kendra said...

Oh love that bag! I agree, I eye the BR bags every season, but they are so expensive!! I would rather get a new coach bag at the Coach outlet because their quality is ever better.

I LOVE those boots!! Esp. in this outfit... you look gorgeous! I agree that sometimes it's worth spending a little more on a fantastic pair of leather boots because the cost-per-wear ends up much lower compares to target/payless. I am on the hunt for the perfect expensive pair of boots right now for that exact reason. Thanks for sharing!!

Tina said...

Great find on the bag! It goes so well with the boots. Nathan scores again!

brandi said...

The Shout Out Louds! Excellent post titling. :)

Love that bag.

yotababy said...

I like it that I used to wear like 5 necklaces at a time like you do these days, but now I normally only wear one or two, like you used to! We seem to have swapped! :)

And also, hurrah for the Shout Out Louds, those beautiful, beautiful Swedes!

SHOEGAL said...

That bag is gorgeous! And $2? Bargain! Also, great jacket. ;)

God's Favorite Shoes! said...

Something has to be said about a man that will thrift FOR YOU! BRAVO TO YOU!!

Wear Necessities said...

Your husband rocks! Great outfit, love the shirt and definately the purse! Keep up the good work! - Natalya of Wear Necessities

myedit said...

I'm not being mean to Matt but sometimes he picks weird things... like this fugass leather jacket that I pretended was too big. So, appreciate the purse, it's hot!
As are the boots... I agree, spend a bit of money on boots and they will reward you with longevity.

Charlie said...

I love how the boots and bag match! what a find!

Sheila said...

Adore those boots! You are so right to invest in good quality ones - they will wear better and be way more comfortable than cheap ones (and when you finally tire of them, you'll get more money when you consign them).

Happy weekend!

Clare said...

I love the boho vibe on this outfit. Your husband is my hero.

Raia said...

love ur jacket and ur boot..! :)

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

That is a great bag and it works well wiht everything els eyou have - what a greta husband!

Anonymous said...

This is totally deja vu!!

I bought the exact same biker-cardigan jacket at Forever 21 in black!! :)

I was going to go for the blue but I thought black was more appropriate.

Style on a String ..because style has nothing to do with money.

FashionAddict said...

I love the color combo you have going on here. A+ outfit!