Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Walk, Walk, Fashion Baby

Hello!~ I missed you! I will check and repond to my comments later today.

I had a great loooooooooong weekend with Alannah. We watched more Girls Aloud than you think possible We watched “The Passions of Girls Aloud” (Nicola, Cheryl and Kimberly, and to be honest, Cheryl’s episode was by far my favorite, Push 10 baby, Push 10), The Tangled Up Tour, The Out of Control Tour, The entire “Off The Record” series and some of the What Would The Neighbors Say Tour.

We were mostly casual. Way casual. But we are still adorable.

(We don't match on purpose, we are just both super cool and wear moto jackets all the time.)
Alannah and I

We also went thrifting and had dinner with friends and such. When we went thrifting I wore this:

November 20

Which is a great out fit to thrift in. I have on a black tank under the tunic which means I have on leggings and a tank and can try on just about anything anywhere sans dressing room. The boots slip off easily to try on shoes, and I have on socks. I am also wearing minimal jewelry so that things are easily off and on without lots of snags.

November 20

To be honest it was TOTALLY wasted this particular trip as I found NOTHING to try on. I found nothing in general. I was actually super disappointed at the Goodwill because they tend to get Fossil bags from somewhere and they had two of the styles I had been most interested in finding there….but someone had taken the straps to both of them!~ It was so disappointing, I know I could have straps made, but it would cost so much that I couldn’t afford to. Oh well!

November 20

Better luck next time I suppose. At least we got out of the house. Ha!~ We needed a bit of time away from the TV, I suppose.

November 20

Top pic on me

I know Alannah’s fabulous jacket is from Forever XXI but that’s all I know!)
Jacket, Bona Drag
Smith tee, Husbands closet
Jeans, Steve and Barry's
Shoes, Doc Martens
Scarf, Half American Apparel circle scarf

Other pics:
Tunic, Vintage
Leggings, Target
Boots, Vintage
Bag, Vintage
Earrings, Target


Sal said...

I do the same thing when I thrift! Leggings and a tank under anything, so if you have to try on in the aisles, you're all set.

Too bad about the Fossil bags ... what a bummer!

Linda said...

Those docs are AMAZING! I so want a pair now!
Love your thrifted boots too!

Anonymous said...

Ok, ideas like this make me feel stupid...lol... why haven't I ever thought to wear leggings and a tank thrifting? Wow,such a great idea!

Love that tunic in the 2nd pic!!


Alannah said...

Ha ha, nothing I'm wearing is worth mentioning except the jacket & the awesome necklace you made me! I feel kind of like I should've dressed better though, since I am bringing the standard down on your awesome blog. ;)

I think I forgot to tell you how much I LOVE that tunic on you in person. It looks great in the blog and it's always been one of my faves of yours, but in person it was SO great on you! LOVE.

One of my favourite parts of the trip was being "behind the scenes" for that picture. It was so cool to see you doing that in person since I read this every day!

I miss you like WHOA. :(


Sheila said...

I hate when I go thrifting and don't find anything. So disappointing.

Great shopping outfit! I always do tights, slip-on shoes (no laces!), and something I can pull on/off easily.

You and your friend are so cute. :)

myedit said...

I love that you overdosed on Girls Aloud... and yes, you guys are both werking those moto jackets.

Leina said...

Yay, Erin and Alannah looking very stylish in a pic together! SO AWESOME!

Love how that tunic and those leggings look on you!