Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Ugh, Good Morning, Sunshine.

Taking pictures in the AM is hard. I am obviously one of those people who sleeps until the last couple of minutes, throws some slap on my face, brushes (maybe) my hair and gets dressed in 15 minutes. It’s how I do. It just doesn’t go well with AM pictures. But I managed OK today.

November 10

I feel like I wore this outfit last week maybe, but I am not going to check my blog before I post. I am becoming more and more aware of how often I choose NOT to wear something because I feel like I “just wore it on the blog”. I don’t really want to censor myself that way. I want the blog to document, not dictate. I want your blogs to inspire not change. So I am going to try and wear what I want to wear, regardless of if I just wore it or not.

November 10

I don’t have a slip that works with this tunic, so I go with a black fitted tank and leggings instead. And as a result, I feel as if I could audition for a musical at any moment. Just let me know. *jazz hands*

November 10

I’m still loving this handbag, and I still check her store for updates to make sure she is still making it. She is. And if you are looking for a nice everyday type bag, I cannot recommend it enough. I would only say that if she has a waterproof leather option available when you order, go with that. I find myself not carrying this one when there is the slightest chance of rain because I love it so much. Is there a treatment you can put on bags made of uncoated leather? Like the spray they make for suede? I feel like there must be. Maybe even the same spray?

November 10

I’ve got my little bag charm on it as well. I suppose I might be a tad too old for this sort of thing, but I suppose I also don’t care.

November 10

I’m still wearing my talon and my bat skull on a pretty regular basis.

November 10

I had a friend ask me the other day where I got all my little skull jewelry and I was telling her and I said “I find them very wearable for everyday.” And then after I said it I laughed. Because really, a bat skull is not considered “everyday wear” by most people. But most people are not me.

Jacket, Forever XXI
Dress, Target
Leggings, Target
Boots, Steve Madden via Zappos
Bag, Reby C at etsy
Talon necklace, Talonalia
Bat skull necklace, mrd74 at Etsy
Bag charm, self made


Sal said...

That bag really is fantastic - I'm pretty sure seeing you carry it is what got me obsessed with finding a gray handbag!

And I hear you about dressing for the blog - it gets weirdly oppressive sometimes. Then again, it's nice to have some built-in motivation to mix it up.

Kendra said...

I checked for you, just for fun, and you last blogged this outfit Oct.23... so I think you are in the clear from truly calling it a recent repeat, no worries. ;-)

But I still love the outfit anyway, you are the reason for my obsession for dining a cute tunic to wear with leggings :)

Tina said...

I do the same thing and I really want to stop it. There are some great outfits that I've put together that I would LOVE to wear again. But I don't b/c of the blog. Silly Tina. I agree, it should document, not dictate. I'm pulling out some repeats soon. :)

eednic said...

i feel like i should come in here and make some rude comment to cheer you up! lulz. or not. you would not enjoy being around me in the a.m. gurrrl i'm all hyper and spunky n shit!

ShopKim said...

"I want the blog to document, not dictate." I like that!

Cara said...

I had the exact same thought this morning: "I really want to wear that dress with those tights again, but I've already worn them together"... and then discovered that it was early last winter that I'd worn the outfit, thus it was far too overdue, not to mention just plain silly to not wear something I wanted! Perhaps it's because I'm now on a very tight budget, but I'd love to see a shift away from huge closets to smaller wardrobes. Afterall - if a piece was worth the purchase, it's worth re-wearing multiple times in a row!

Mandy said...

I don't mind seeing repeats, or even similar items at all! I love your dresses with leggings....I'm actually looking for more little tunics/dresses to wear instead of jeans. And I must let you know I just ordered the converse moto jacket from Target-I've been admiring yours for months (or month?) and finally got up the nerve to add a little more edgy style. :-) And that is a great bag.

e. said...

I love that bag. I agree with not having enough time in the morning (maybe that's why I don't even own a brush!). I like how you combine feminine frilly with a edgier style.

Kyla said...

I love that you're being real on your blog. I think seeing how someone re-wears the same pieces is much more inspiring for an everyday girl. Amen to that!