Thursday, September 25, 2008


We had dinner with friends for Nathan’s birthday, which is Friday.

I went casual, since it was a casual establishment!~

This hoodie? Is AWESOME.


(I picked up one for Nathan too!)

This deep v from American Apparel is a New Classic. It looks good on basically anyone and can be dressed up or down. I have two grey and one black, and I wear them any and everywhere.

I made these bracelets a few years after I made the necklace, so I’d have a set.

Probably the most fabulous thing I’ve ever made. I’ll make you one too, for about $250.00.

This is a HORRIBLE picture of these shoes, but I was in a big hurry. It was my job to go and get us a table!~ I want to post it anyway, because they are so darn cute.

Hoodie – Wal-Mart boys section
Vneck – American Apparel
Jeans – Dear at Steve and Barry’s
Necklace - self made
Bracelets – self made
Booties - Payless


The Monkey Attack Victim said...

Those boots ARE super cute!

Danielle said...

I still covet that necklace :)

I have those shoes. From Payless. In black. And they hurt my feet so bad :(

Work With What You've Got said...

Really D? They are not the MOST comfortable things I own, but I didn't think they were that bad!

yotababy said...

I still love the lunging pic! Ha!

Danielle said...

I neeeever wear high heels and these are at such an angle that my poor little virgin feet ache after an hour :( I think they just need to toughen up.

mykatjim said...

that hoodie is awesome!

(your sock monkey is showing!!)

hello jamie: said...

We've been friends for a super long time. I think maybe that warrants a fantastic necklace of fabulousness. I'm just sayin'.

jenniferblaufrau said...

I love that I have the baby version of that painting on your wall (circles). I love the hoodie and the necklace, and that grey shirt looks SO comfortable.

V said...

I love the booties!

Milly said...

i love your necklace
and the booties..i so want them but cant find them..sold out