Thursday, September 25, 2008

Too Much Grey

I just did not get a photo I liked today. I’m learning, and trying all the different settings (oddly “Landscape” gets the clearest picture, but it is also the setting that makes it look like everything was taken at Sunset). I don’t have the nicest camera, but I am going to keep tweaking until I decide what works BEST. (eta: I know I'm taking pictures in front of a window. I've ordered a tripod, but until I get it this is basically the only place in the house I can set the camera at an OK level and get far enough away to take a pic. I'll experiment more with locations once the tripod gets here)

So this skirt is actually one I think I’ve never worn. I got it months ago, seduced by it’s pockets (oh, how I adore a pocket) and it’s size (XS, so flattering) but then when I got it home to my wardrobe. Eh. I didn’t love it as much. It’s flattering. And cute. I’m pretty sure it would look better with a bright top, but I seem to have loads of black and not much else.

The shoes. The shoes I LOVE. An impulse buy (bad!) but the rare good impulse buy. Real suede. The most pretty soft grey. And the tiniest kitten heel, JUST this side of a flat.

The necklace I made because I had a charm bracelet with all these great charms, but of course I never wore it. Because charm bracelets catch on everything. So annoying. But this is great. I can’t really wear it with a higher neckline (still catches) but I do fine I wear it much, much more often than I wore the bracelet (a couple times a month versus, oh…never)

The ring was a birthday gift from Erin and Rod.

Kind of a boring day, I admit.

Scoop neck tee – Merona at Target
Skirt – Mossimo at Target
Shoes- Mossimo at Target
Necklace – self made
Bracelets – James Avery (plain) and New York MOMA (DADA)
Earrings – Wal-Mart
Ring – small things design


The Monkey Attack Victim said...

That is brilliant with the charm bracelet!

As for your camera, I have found that flash is just sometimes TOO bright inside. What I do if my pictures are getting completely washed out, but no flash is blurry is to put a piece of white paper over the flash. It softens the light up a bit so it isn't so overexposed. That is my high tech tip.

Work With What You've Got said...

BRILLIANT. I've only ever tried my HAND. lol. Which makes everything red orange.

yotababy said...

Oh, that IS a good tip!

Also, the skirt is very cute! And I think that the pattern is bold enough and interesting enough that it doesn't feel too blah with the black shirt. But yeah, I think it would look great with a brighter color on top too.

meanderingway said...

i really dig those shoes, but i honestly don't think i've ever seen them before. i'm sure they've been inches from my face when i'm getting my shoes every day.

Work With What You've Got said...

"i'm sure they've been inches from my face when i'm getting my shoes every day." Since, like mid-June. Indeed they have.

autumnleigh said...

I don't find anything boring about your outfit. It's adorable!

hello jamie: said...

I am in love with those shoes. Sadly, I do not have a Target. BUT, I'm in Long Beach this week and have a car so maybe a quick trip is in order???

I would totally wear that skirt with a bright colored top-- turquoise or yellow or lime green. Of course you look elegant and professional in black, but I don't wear work clothes so I can spout whatever I want.

Kasmira said...

Look, she's wearing your skirt!

Alannah Rose said...

LOVE that skirt. I would buy that in a second.

Also, I have been thinking about that bracelet so much lately (since SFMOMA) so it's funny that here it is, in your blog!