Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I overslept

There are two things in my outfit/appearance today that are a dead giveaway that I overslept.

My hair is in a bun.
I’m wearing pants.

I have a co-worker who always comments how very professional I look with my hair in a bun, and I always tell, yes, L, but you know it just means I overslept when I should have washed it.

I inherited this blouse from my sister-in-law, Miranda, when she passed away. For a long time I wasn’t sure how to wear it. It’s a lovely blouse but I never felt it was quite my style. Then, when I got this vest, they seemed such a natural pairing and I’ve loved it ever since.

(P. Bitty had zero interest in this blog until last night, and now he wants to be in every picture.)

That little baby gate to the left is how we keep him in the bathroom (it’s a big bathroom, I swear!) all day while we are at work.

Blouse, Jones New York, inherited
Vest, Temperly London for Target
Pants, Merona at Target
Pumps, Nine West, secondhand
Earrings, Target
Bag, Lush


yotababy said...

I love that shirt with the vest too! I've always liked the IDEA of vests, but I've never found one I actually like. Yours is great though--it's got a really nice shape, with the rounded neckline...

Kasmira said...

How do you make the "hair bubble" at your hairline? It looks really cute.

Nana Erin said...

Oh thanks! At home we call that my "Baby Morrissey", because it’s KIND OF a tiny pompadour and Morrissey has a pomp. Or something. It makes sense to us.

But it’s just the front part of my hair (sometimes it’s bangs, sometimes I grow it out, but I always push it back because I feel sort of like my head looks strange without it at this point) pulled back and pushed forward, then held in place. By a barrette today, bobby pins on other days. Some days I give it a half twist, which makes it shape slightly different, for flair. But not today.

I took a couple pics of my head to show you how simple it is:

Kelly said...

I really like the shirt. It's very funky. Something you can totally pull off, but that would just sit in my closet forever.

half1113 said...

ilu! I wish I could be more fashionable. I'm lacking the self confidence to pull it off.

meanderingway said...

That second photo, the one with the P. Bitty profile shot, is one of the greatest photos of the two of you ever.

Anonymous said...

Hi bb.

Sorry if this has been asked already, but who takes your pictures? Or do you use a timer?



Laura said...

So now when I pick up my prescriptions at Target this weekend, I'm going to have to buy that vest. It is from this season, right? I'm not a vest girl, but you make me believe that I could do it.

Meesh said...

Love it! You look so skinny in the you bitch lol

Nana Erin said...

Autumn- Yeah, I use a self timer. I've ordered a tri-pod, but right now I set the camera on the bookshelf, or the amp, or whatever happens to be the right height at the time.

Laura- No!~ I'm so sorry but it's AT LEAST a year old. I know I talk like my weighloss is new, but in truth I guess I hit my curretn size almost 2 years ago. It just feels new because I was bigger for so long.

A said...

I can't think of another time when I've seen you in pants (not jeans). Very cute!

Damn, this blog makes me ashamed of how BADLY I dress. I already knew, but really, you're too good at this whole style thing for words.