Monday, February 23, 2009


I had to work on my birthday (you get a personal day at my office, but my sister is due to give birth to her first girl soon, so I wanted to save my birthday day for that, and my boss agreed) so I wanted to wear something that would be really happy and bright.

Enter the re-worked vintage dress I got back in November in Austin at the Fun, Fun, Fun Fest.

Feb 19

I promise I’ll get a better picture of this bag soon, it’s such an adorable design from Hoakon Helga over at Etsy

Feb 19

For now, I hope she doesn’t mind, here is a pic from the shop:

Each bag in the shop is made from recycled leather, and all the designs are so cute and original.

And a couple blurry pics of me and the world’s cutest dog.

Feb 19

Feb 19

Cardigan, Target
Dress, vintage
Tights, Target
Boots, Boots, Arturo Chang
Bag, hoakonhelga at Etsy


Sal said...

The dress! The bag! Such ENVY! Happy birthday, beautiful - hope your sis appreciates the sacrifice.

Kelly said...

You get a personal day?? Lucky!!

It's a perfect office bday outfit, though!

Anonymous said...

You look lovely! And how cute is Bitty? I just bought some cute id tags and collars for my cats from Animalstars, and they did such a nice job. I can totally see Bitty modeling a novelty id tag. <3


bobbye said...

happy birthday!

Alannah said...

Love the dress--it looks great on you!

When is your sister due?! You must be so excited!!

Kim said...

I'm saying this 'cause I can't say this on @ - *I* like your wee DM shoes. They're like heeled versions of mine. So ner.

Love this dress also.