Thursday, February 26, 2009

New Dress

Kelly got me a gift certificate to Target for my b-day. And I got this dress. So Kelly got me this dress.

Feb 24

THANK YOU Kelly. I LOVE it. I felt so FUN in this dress. And so PRETTY. I love love love a new dress. I even left it on when we met friends for dinner and normally I love a chance to change into a second outfit.

Feb 24

Look at the adorable racer back!

Feb 24

These are still basically my all time favorite earrings.

Feb 24

I didn’t wear them for a while because I felt like I really needed to wear my own stuff, to advertise by example. But I feel like I’ve done a pretty good job getting my name out there now and I am excited to wear some of the stuff my fellow jewelry artists have made. These are by Chain Chain Chained over at Etsy, and she has great customer service. I also have matching necklace (but I would never wear them together!)

Cardigan, She Bible at Bona Drag
Dress, Target (gift from Kelly)
Tights, Target
Boots, Vintage
Belt, Target
earrings, chainchainchained at


The Monkey Attack Victim said...

Heh. I totally almost bought that dress for you but figured you already had it.

futurelint said...

That dress is glorious! I LOVE the ruffledness! I've been toying with the idea of getting those same earrings... cicadas always have a special place in my heart (when I was a kid we moved from downtown Chicago to a small town in Wisconsin. That summer happened to be the year the cicadas came up from their 17 year slumber... I was FREAKING OUT! I was like, really we moved here, where every summer is a plague?!?! Now I love them and went home a few years ago, just to see them again, 17 years after the trauma.)

estrella said...

The dress is really adorable! :)

Alannah said...

What is this "Bona Drag" I keep seeing so much of on your blog? I think I need to investigate.

I LOVE that dress. And I can't believe that it was in the 80s there yesterday (is that normal?)!

Sal said...

Floral ruffeldy goodness.

CouponAlbum said...

It looks fantastic!! I like your style!! Your entire outfit is just wonderful...

kerri said...

i bought this dress, too. but you know, what's great about target is that they really do have quick turnover. so we will have it but no one else will. it's great because you can wear it so many ways. last night i wore it unbelted with a little royal blue cardigan, black tights, and little black pixie uggs. oh, and a long gold medallion necklace. REDICulously versatile, this dress.

ha! i don't own those fab earrings, though. man!