Thursday, February 26, 2009

Black and Brown

I’m pretty sure I’ve talked about this before but I love black and brown together. Specifically an all or mostly black ensemble with brown shoes/bag/belt.

Naturally I loved this outfit.

Feb 23

The dress is one from mark that is not on the website yet, I was able to get it early as a rep. It’s super comfortable, so soft and I felt really good in it. PLUS, it has a low back, all the better to showcase the tassel I put on the necklace I made myself a while back!

Feb 23

(I am not going to lie, I am uncomfortable with how large my behind looks in that picture, but am secure in the knowledge that it is not, in fact, a large behind)

Feb 23

I love my new Docs. I have officially ruined my feet after years and years of daily high heels. I can no longer wear them as often as I once did, and as a result I had to get something that I felt stylish in, and were comfortable for more everyday wear. These fit the bill. (Even though one of my BFFs hates them, I Lu U Autumn!~) I love the wedge, because it lets me FEEL like I’m wearing heels, and I love the details of the leatherwork on the heel.

Dress, mark
necklace, self made from recycled materials
tights, Target
Shoes, Doc Martens
Dog hair in shoe pic, P. Bitty Johnson


Sal said...

How can your friend hate those adorable Docs? HOW?

The Monkey Attack Victim said...

I love the dress. I really need to start shopping at the mark of which you speak.

You are such a low pressure mark rep.

V said...

I love that dress! I didn't know you were a rep. hmmm...may be emailing you about that later!

a cat of impossible colour said...

I think your behind looks good in that photo. :) I'm getting into black or grey with brown as well, it's fun!

Deborah-lee said...

I love the brown shoes with the black. I think they work because of your hair colour too! If you still had your black hair it might not have the same impact.

Alannah said...

How can there be shoe hate?! I love them. That dress looks awesome on you (as always)!

Trace said...

My feet are messed up too and I love wedges for the exact reason you said - more comfy but still like heels! I love black and brown together as well.

P.S. I linked to your old post on the baby morrissey today on my blog - such a good tutorial, had to share!!

Kim said...

I still love the shoes.

Think it's the hand position that makes your derriere look a little disproportionate. I will avoid the obvious Sir Mix-A-Lot reference.

hello jamie: said...

I am not going to lie; I am not crazy about the shoes either, but I agree about wedges feeling like heels without killing your feetsies, so if you love them then I say wear the crap out of them.

I adore the dress and can't wait to get myself one, which I'm sure I will wear with brown boots.

Love that necklace too!!!!