Thursday, February 26, 2009

Loves Me Not

I love this dress, it’s from Loves Me Not at Etsy. She’s such a doll. I can’t recommend her enough.

Feb 26

When I bought it, it was a romper, but it was too short in “the rise” as my mom would say, so rather than part with it, I took it to the tailor and had it made into a dress. I love it. But I can’t really breathe in it. Ha!~ It’s very fitted, plus I always cinch it with a belt. BUT I never feel so skinny as when I wear this dress.

Also, I’m serious. I love these shoes. I know I already said that but they are so perfect. Perfect color, perfect fit, perfect wedge, perfect design. LOVE.

Feb 26

Feb 26

The only thing that made the outfit not perfect was the fact that I managed to leave the house without so much as a hoop earring. NO JEWELRY but the rings I never take off. I felt NAKED.

I got this bag for my birthday. It was drastically on sale. It’s Steven by Steve Madden. The leather is the nicest leather I’ve ever seen. Nicer than the leather on my Gucci bags. Buttery soft, yet really strong. It’s also a really nice tribute to the Gucci Hysteria, which as you know, I adore. At a MUCH MUCH MUCH lower price point. I just love it. It looks like a really well preserved vintage bag, and it's a great size. I can get a full size hard back novel in there!

Feb 26
(no flash)

The pictures just really don’t even do it justice…

Feb 26

Cardigan, Alternative Apparel
Belt, Target
Tights, Target
Shoes, Dc Martens
Bag, Steven by Steve Madden


Kelly said...

I love it layered with that cardi!

Jane said...

I love the colours of the dress - it looks great on you.

Jane said...

I love the colours of the dress - it looks great on you.

hello jamie: said...

your hair looks really pretty like that. what was the back doing?

Eyeliah @ said...

Oh it is a great dress, will check out her store. :-)

Audi said...

I almost bought that one! I'm so glad it ended up going to a good home; it looks fantastic on you. And, you've just given me a great idea for modifying a romper I've had for ages and can't seem to part with. Thanks!!