Friday, March 12, 2010

K-KInda Busy, K-Kinda Busy

I did not have time for pictures today. Which is a crying shame, because I look adorable. I am wearing my ANA denim leggings, my black and white tie dye v-neck and a sequined cardigan. A sequined cardigan! And the most adorable black leather ballet flats of all time.

I did not have time for pictures today because I had to watch the Lady Gaga “Telephone” video I recorded last night. All crazy 9 minutes of it. Did you guys SEE this? Amazing. Not my #1 Lady Gaga Video (That’s “Bad Romance” for now), but totally Gaga-licious. And Beyonce’ was wonderful. She took it as far as Gaga asked her to even when it was totally crazy-pants.

How many corporate sponsors did you spot? So far my friends and I have recalled:
Diet Coke
Miracle Whip
Virgin Mobile
Heartbeats by Lady Gaga
Beats by Dre
And Polaroid.

Who did we miss?
And because I hate a post without a photo, here is a crappy mobile picture of my adorable Black Leather Ballet Flats.

Awwwww. Look at the ruffles made of zipper!~ So Cute.


WendyB said...

Definitely not my #1 Gaga video either, but I guess I can't expect her to surpass herself every time.

I wish she'd do some Wendy Brandes product placement already. Sigh.

Sara said...

Definitely not my #1 either, but I need to rewatch it. Still trying to wrap my brain around it- it was crazy!

Rachel said...

Bad Romance is my favorite video too, I don't think anything could top it. But Telephone was crazy!! Poison! Prison! Sandwiches! Caution tape! Whoa!

Autumn said...

Plenty of Fish!

Autumn said...

Oh, and Ford! That big ol' truck Gaga and Beyonce were driving was a Ford.

yotababy said...

So fancy-shoes! You are right--those ARE adorable. I still have not seen the Lady Gaga video. A viewing of it just might be in order tonight!

laura512 said...

Don't forget Wonder Bread!

A said...

I hope you do photos or wear the outfit again-i would love to see the sequined cardigan, and I must know where those shoes came from/what brand are they? I *lurve* them!

The Bagboy said...

There was some sort of logo on the laptop the guard was using when Gaga leaves the prison, but I was watching a crap copy of the video, so I couldn't tell if it was real or pretend.

The Bagboy said...

Also, your zipper shoes rule.

Lou said...

These shoes are amazing! And maybe you could post the sequin cardigan another time because it sounds divine.

Homebody said...

Adorable zippery flats! Hey, did you see this article about cake balls?
I thought of you!

text machine said...

I didn't really like it. Paparazzi's my favourite, by a longshot.

When you say you recorded it, do you mean on a vcr/dvr? Rather than watch it online? That seems so old school and I'm kind of interested to know why that was your method of choice.

My Edit said...

Ok, not fair...tease me with words like 'sequined cardigan' and then don't show me.
I was a little surprised at all the blatant product placement but I guess if you do it, might as well be tongue in cheek about it instead of trying to 'trick' your audience.

Nana Erin said...

Homebody, I didn’t, that’s very cool, thanks for sharing.

Text machine,
Yes. I recorded E! News on the DVR. I don’t really like watching things online if I can watch them on TV. I have big TVs, and small computer screens.

I promise to wear the sequined cardigan again!

Tina said...

Love the flats. Haven't seen the Gaga video, but I'm sure it will be all over the place soon.

Leah said...

& wonder bread. i'm so ashamed of myself that i just watched part of that video. haha not a fan of gaga.