Tuesday, March 9, 2010

You Know I've Never Seen Any of These People Before

I do not like exercise. I enjoy the occasional swim, and I like to go dancing. But I have never found anything specifically designed for keeping one fit that I enjoy. I can handle the Tony Little Gazelle. I don’t hate it the way I do most exercise. But I don’t enjoy it. I stopped trying to find something I will enjoy, to be honest. I don’t think it’s out there. That’s OK. I can live with it. But I am still searching for things I don’t hate.

Enter “10 Minute Solutions: Blast Off Belly Fat

10 minute solutions_

It has five workouts, all 10 minutes each, all designed to target your abs. One of them is done entirely standing up. One is Pilates. One started off with a position I literally could NOT do, so I skipped it. But I did the “Belly Fat Blaster”, which had me sweating from head to toe. Then I watched “How I Met Your Mother”, and then I did “Pilates Perfect”. Both were a great workout, both were over in 10 minutes. I love that! 10 minutes! I can handle 10 minutes here and 10 minutes there. I cannot handle 30 minutes. I get SO BORED. Anyway, I’m sore in places today, which is a good sign. I loved the trainer and although I am uncoordinated enough it took me a minute to catch on to how a few of the exercises should be done, I was able to get it eventually. It was one of those workouts that made me feel immediately thinner and healthier, and that’s always a good thing.

March 9

I love that skirt. I found it at Target when spending my birthday gift cards. It is not too short and not too long. It is just right. I feel like Goldilocks. I have so much trouble finding skirts that are the right length on me.

March 9

And that’s another tie dyed tee. Last one, I promise. I just really liked them, had gift cards to spend and they were so cheap! These were $9.99.

March 9

So…I bought this necklace from the Gossip Girl online store. They sell items the actors wear on the show. This necklace was worn by Serena. It's not showing up anymore, but a $175 double strand version is! Sorry. I had been looking for something similar for a while in my price range and hadn’t had any luck. And then I found this one and I think it was all of $20 something bucks. I don’t remember, it was a long time ago. After all that time spent trying to find something similar, I couldn’t seem to style it. I’ve had it for MONTHS and worn it maybe twice. It’s strange. I do really like though!

Tee, Target men’s department, altered by me (recent)
Skirt, Target (recent)
Tights, ?
Boots, Steve Madden
Earrings, Target
Necklace, The CW Store
Cuff, Vintage, gift from Mikal


futurelint said...

I love this tie-dye, it reminds me of a thunderstorm... I like how it's more subtle. Yeah, I have a few short ab videos I need to get back in the habit of doing... I pretty much just go running 3 days a week, but I need to do some ab and arm stuff, I just hate it! I can handle 10 mins though, maybe I'll try this one!

jesse.anne.o said...

I also hate exercise. I failed gym in high school.

I love this necklace.

Linda said...

OMG! Tell me about it. I absolutely HATE I repeat HATE working out. But it's something I need to get into the habit of doing often so I can make myself like it. I do like bike ridingm so I will try to take that up again in the summer. I like being outside, as long as it isn't too hot or too cold and as long as there is NO precipitation. My body is just not made to be super thin, I am convinced, it would be really really difficult for me to lose 20 pounds...but I am trying anyway.

Kasmira said...

Thanks for the workout reco! I'll check it out. (I teach a 15 min abs class once a week and am always looking for inspiration!)

Love the skirt. It is perfect on you.

But I love the necklace even more. I've wanted one like that for-EVER!

Anonymous said...

Workouts sucks however tie-dyed tees are fun! Lovin' the look my friend!


BAM said...

haha, my 10minute workout tape is my favorite one for the same reason. Its over so quickly!!

haute hardware said...

Oh man, I can't decide if knowing about that GG shopping site is a good or bad thing for me. :/ Your necklace is really cute, and I'm liking those tie dye tees. Have you seen any of the Norma Kamali for W-M tie dye stuff? Yes, I'm on a W-M kick right now.

Alannah said...

Ahh I didn't know you had a necklace like that! I didn't see it on GG but I saw it on the UO catalog and waited for it to go on sale... it was still more than I wanted to pay but I bought it anyway (it's the double-strand kind). I have a hard time wearing it too, but I love it! Yours looks great with that shirt. I really love the whole outfit together. <3

Clare said...

That necklace is RAD!

Tina said...

I've got a couple different 10 minutes workout DVDs if you want to borrow them some time.