Sunday, January 30, 2011

Chains of Love

The other day I wore a super cool shoulder harness I bought recently from SNEFTER over at Etsy. I let the artist know that a couple of you expressed interest in getting a similar harness of your own, the artist offered to give my readers a 10% discount for the month of February! Just enter the code WWWYG at checkout.

These are just a few of the super cool harness in the shop (there are also knuckle and cage rings and hand cage bracelets...)

Silver and gunmeteal shoulder harness
Silver and gunmeteal shoulder harness

Antique Brass Gold Body Shoulder Harness
Antique Brass Gold Body Shoulder Harness

Silver Ladder Body Chain Harness
Silver Ladder Body Chain Harness

Antique Brass Gold Chain Shoulder Armor Bib Harness
Antique Brass Gold Chain Shoulder Armor Bib Harness

The customer service was above and beyond and service was super fast.


Rebecca said...

I really like the third harness.

Collette Osuna said...

Ive seen these before...never had a clue how to wear them..very pretty!

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Vanessa said...

Wow! These are all so bold and so cool! I love how you wore yours in the post from a few days ago and can't wait to see how you style it up again! I'm so glad I found your blog!
(Thanks for your kind comment on my blog just now regarding my glasses... I love them. When I saw the orange, I just felt like it was a match made!)

TrophyBoutique said...

WOAH! I loooove the ladder chain one. So cool. I really don't know if I have the guts to wear this though. I'm about to get really personal here: How did it feel under your armpit?

Can't wait to see your 30 for 30 picks.

Alannah said...

I really love these! I am pretty sure I would never wear it if I bought it but I will worship from afar! Such a cool idea & something you definitely haven't seen everywhere before. I love the brass one in the second picture the best!

DaniellaBella said...

There are awesome. So awesome that they sort of scare me and I have no idea how I might wear it... Better do some research!

Anonymous said...

SO cool! I think my fav is the ladder body chain. It seems effortless but has a ton of style. Thanks for sharing these.

laura said...

Wow. i love that body chain harness. Don't know if I could pull it off, but oooh so pretty.