Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Take A Flying Saucer Trip To The Stars In My Eyes

This little wooden staircase is going to spend the next 6 months trying to convince me that there IS a time of day when the sun shines in just the right way to take good pictures there.


And I’ll believe it, because I want to believe it. Because it is SUCH a great place and the branches will slowly fill in and wouldn’t that be super cool to watch from season to season?


It’s such a romantic little spot. It’s also a LIAR and will never, ever deliver the shots it promised. And I’ll stop going to it, but I’ll remember the good times, when I believed.


Even though the truth is the pics are just OK and the lighting is never going to be right.

And then I have to go and take quick pictures over by a FENCE. An ugly fence. I have one of those at HOME, Little Wooden Staircase, I didn’t need to come all this way for THIS.


It was about 27 degrees in my house this AM, and I was scampering about in my skivvies trying to find ANYTHING to put on my body to stop being so cold. And that’s how this outfit came about. I think it only about 60% works. I like the tank with the pants but when you add the cardigan it gets a bit frumpy. But it was warm and I have to say that was pretty much all that mattered.


Also, after taking these, my hands burned like FIRE they were so cold. Then they looked like little lobster claws for like 2 hours. How do you DO it Canadians/Mid-Westerners? So miserable.

The End

Sweater coat, Free People via Nordstrom Rack
Layering Cardigan, AA
Tank, Urban Outfitters
Layering tank, Target
Pants, Target
Clogs, Target
Hideous hiking socks, Dick’s Sporting Goods


Cara said...

We survive by complaining. I really think that's the only way. I was so cold after waiting for the bus (20 minutes late) and then still having to walk from the bus stop to the house (after the sun went down, and the temperature dropped a good 10 degrees), that I complained from 6:00 to probably 10:30. The good news is that if you visibly shake from the cold, someone usually takes pity on you, and makes you tea, or supper!
And sure, you mention the hideous hiking socks, but I see no photographic evidence! I have a soft spot for hiking socks because they're always so wonderfully ugly!

Between Laundry Days said...

I hope you don't give up on the stairwell spot just yet! I love it!

And I love this outfit, especially considering you were freezing your tush off when you picked it! Oh, and re: skirts in January: wearing loads of tights helps. A lot. Sometimes I think layered tights and leggings are warmer than jeans!

Jen HaHA said...

I think your photos are fine. The wooden staircase is a great spot! I like the idea of seeing the leaves slowly fill in. Then you can do a slideshow of your pics, and it will look like time-lapse photography!

You don't think the cardigan works? It's the first thing that caught my eye. Plus, layering is essential this time of year.

Jen Hemming and Hawing Again

Lauren said...

A-freaking-Men to all those Midwestern/Canadian bloggers who take their pictures so eloquently and peacefully in the snow - I envy you. I have been in nothing but jeans for the past four days!

I think the cardigan works great with the pattern of the top! I like the look :)

Rebecca said...

I really don't know how we survive the winter, but it really is nice here in the summer.

Travellingone said...

Silk slips, wool socks, fleece-lined tights, fitted puffer jackets, cashmere or wool scarves, waterproof boots.

Although when it gets to -25 degrees celcius (rare for Toronto but it happens), you just don't care - you layer up for warm and to prevent your skin from freezing.

Erin said...

In the fullness of time, you acclimate to the cold weather.
Whisky in your coffee helps, too...

And never fear, you don't look one bit dumpy. The black pants give you a nice lean line - no dump at all!

archives said...

welcome to my world, hah! its funny...on the way to work this morning i was thinking about how as much as i hate being cold...i could never live in a warm/hot place. snow and bundling up makes me happy! weird, i know. :/

Brittney said...

can i just say, i'm sorry your hands turned to lobsters but seriously, this post made me smile. poor little wooden staircase that wouldn't. it had its chance, didn't it.

Jazzy E (hivennn) said...

So lovely. x hivennn. p.s enter my giveaway?

JavaChick said...

We complain a lot. Also, we wear gloves. And winter coats. With scarves. Possibly even hats. :)

Anna said...

27 degrees?? brr....
That sweater coat is an adorable way to keep warm!

Nuha Sofiyan said...

Oh my goodness, 27 degrees is torture! I hope you get your heat fixed soon? And I like the stairs where you took your pictures, I don't think the lighting is bad at all! xoxo