Monday, January 10, 2011

I Don’t Remember What You Look Like Anymore

I’m super excited by all the ideas you guys are giving me in the Moon Ravens Design giveaway comments. Some suggestions I’ve already started working on are:

More weekend/evening looks
Wearing my hair down
More pictures of my dog
And more “what’s in my bag” photos.

And I’ve discussed with Nathan your desire to see a guest post from him with his top tips for thrifting and I’ve started thinking about tips on how I find the things I do at Target and the like. So keep them coming!

My photos last Friday came out unintentionally kind of awesome. I love how dark and cold they look. Not the best look for fashion shots, I suppose, but awesome anyway.

January 7

I love the way the tree branches frame the shots.

January 7

I’ve been wearing these jeans (I know, they are technically jeggings, but I hate that word more and more) non- stop at home and I wanted to wear them to the office Friday. At home, I’m mostly wearing them with band tees, and incorporating them into work wear presented a bit of a challenge.

January 7

I decided to just embrace the pattern and push it even further by wearing it with another pattern. I loved the way the tank and jeans paired. Daring, but not TOO daring. Not something your average office worker would wear on a casual Friday but not inappropriate either.

January 7

And because I know you can’t actually see the top very well in my pictures (but I loved them so much I didn’t re-shoot), I adjusted this one until the background almost faded away for a better look…

January 7

I felt great in this. It was 100% ME.

Cardigan, Urban Outfitters
Tank, Urban Outfitters
Jeggings, Target
Boots, Doc Martins, thrifted by Nathan


Lauren said...

I LOVE this look! Very rock and roll and the pics did come out great x

Cara said...

Thanks for the last photo with more emphasis on the patterns! I couldn't tell on my itty-bitty screen if the "jeggings" were patterned or whether I just had a lot of finger prints! Glad to see I'm not as messy as I thought. Any advice on mixing patterns? It's something I feel I should be doing, but I feel rather inadequate and scared at doing!

Rebecca said...

I'd love to see Nathan's thrifting tips. He seems to find great things.

Franca said...

That subtle mix of patterns looks SO good!

Alannah said...

I take it the jeggings (ugh, I hate that word) aren't recent? I would TOTALLY buy those, and I never thought I'd say that when it came to "jeggings". Those are 110% awesome, which is mathematically impossible, which is another reason they're AMAZING.

Also, I love that outfit, and I agree it's completely you!

Lauren said...

I avoid the term "jeggings" too :) I just call them skinny jeans :)

I LOVE this look - who would have thought to mix those two patterns together?? Only you! I love its originality!

Small Time Style

Elissa said...

Okay, you look amazing. I love those jeans (I will not use the word jeggings don't worry) with the top. Such a cool, rocker-girl look. Now I really want a pair of Doc's.

And too would love to see Nathan's tips for thrifting, He has such a great eye and always seems to uncover the perfect thing!

Cristy said...

Your legs go on forever in this outfit! I love the mix of patterns - same tone and weight - looks terrific.

Alison said...

Looks like those jeans cover the better than sweats category well. You look great in them! I love the combo with that top too. Fun and yes, not what the average worker would wear. Awesome!

grace said...

I love love love that you're rocking the classic Docs. They look great.

archives said...

i LOOOOOVE this outfit!!! def not something i could ever pull off or would think to put together! totally how the branches add a but of a veiny/edgy feel that compliments your look!

Anonymous said...

I love this! Very rocker chic. The pattern mixing is great and the slouchy cardigan adds a touch of cozy to the whole thing. Fashion win.

Melissa said...

I think you look so badass in this. I love it. The pattern mixing is awesome and those boots are great!

Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

Your look is edgy and great looking...I agree with you there has to be a better word than "jeggings!"

Anonymous said...


DaniellaBella said...

100% you is 100% wicked! I could never wear this and I love that you always look so cool! Like someone I'd want to go up and talk to at a coffee shop but would be too shy!

Between Laundry Days said...

This look IS 100% you, and I love it. The combination of patterns is too perfect.