Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Alexander McQueeeeeeeeeeen

I saw this jacket a few months ago in an online preview and made a note to myself that this was the thing I wanted from this collection (I allow myself one piece from each Go! Or designer collection, which is a LOT less than I used to buy). It is perfection. It’s great with jeans and rocks up a dress.

Or an office outfit.

March 16

Unfortunately the light was dying and I didn’t get a great pic of it.

March 16

So I borrowed these from


smoke zipped

I ordered it the DAY it went up on the site, before lunch. I guessed on the size. I went to the store on my lunch (I’m lucky, the one in my area actually got the line) and they had a medium and an x-small and I tried those on. I felt like the medium (which was the size I ordered) was too big, but the x-small was too small. So I thought I needed a small. I went back to the office, logged back on…SOLD OUT. By 1 PM. And so I stuck with the medium. And you know what? I was wrong. It fits just fine. Lesson learned? Alexander McQueen is a popular man.

I’ve been wearing this chunky bracelet combo everywhere lately.

March 16

March 16

The gold beads are an old modified Old Navy necklace and the chains are self made bracelet using just cheap-o Michael’s base metal chains I got for pretty cheap.

It doesn’t get better than Payless booties that held up for a couple years.

March 16

The red is coming off the back of the heel a bit, so I can really only wear them with pants, but for throwaway shoes, I’m impressed with how well they’ve lasted. And the kitten heel is perfect for my old lady feet.

I got these earrings at Target, and they were fine, but I replaced the wire across the top and the hook, just to give it a more handmade feel. Because I’m crazy like that.

March 16

Jacket, Alexander McQueen for Target
Pants, Walmart
Boots, Payless
bracelets, self made
earrings, Target, modified by me


Kasmira said...

So glad you got that jacket! It looks AWESOME on you! My Target doesn't have the collection, so I couldn't ogle anything. :(

Kelly said...

That jacket looks 3 million times better on you!! And I love the bracelets.

Do you rat your hair? It always looks so high and awesome when it's in a ponytail.

Sal said...

So glad it worked out - that jacket suits you to a t!

GlamaRuth said...

Despite they dying light, you rock the jacket far better tnan the Target model! And I love your bracelet jumble.

futurelint said...

I love those bracelets - especially together since they are all so different! Love the jacket of course!

Alannah said...

That jacket looks as amazing on you as I'd thought it would! Did you pass on the dress?

It always throws me a little when you wear pants but you look so great in them!

I am a big fan of the bracelets too, obvs!

todds_wife said...

Love Love LOVE the bracelet combo!!

Anonymous said...

I bought the jacket too! I love it...