Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Bunny Love

I still love this dress.

March 3

It’s just really flattering, the bunny print is fun, and it’s appropriate for work OR play.

March 3
*I am wearing The Plum Tights of Controversy*

I normally wear it with a blazer from the same collection, or my baby biker jacket. And what’s funny is that I was trying to branch out so as to not bore you AND practice mixing and matching, and yet it seems I’ve never worn the blazer + bunny dress combo on the blog!~
But this is the blazer:
October 1, 2008

(I think I must have worn that blazer a lot right before I started the blog. I think of it as an overused piece, but have featured it all of one time.)

and my biker jacket…
October 9

But since I’m trying to spin things, I wore it with the little black and white dotted H&M jacket.

March 6

Jacket, H&M, secondhand
Dress, Erin Fetherston for Target
Obi Belt, Fosuism Boutique at Etsy
Tights, Target
Tee, Walmart
Boots, Arturo Chang
Bag, Steven by Steve Madden

ETA Bunny Print for Sal:
Oct 24


Sal said...

Can we get a close-up of this bunny print? Is there one elsewhere? I wanna see da bunnies!

Work With What You've Got said...

Why certainly Sal!~ (That felt so fun in my head I almost said it out loud in my cube!)

Alannah said...

That is the collection I'm the saddest about missing out on from Target. Every time I see that dress on you I just squee a little--the bunnies are SO CUTE.


Candycane said...

Love Love Love the bunnies :D

Stephanie N. said...

That dress really is quite darling.

Pretty Little Pictures said...

Wow, both of those dresses are beautiful :) I especially love your blazer - i must get mine out!!

Anchibride said...

That dress is too cute for words!