Monday, March 9, 2009

Harness It

I’m going to skip a day ahead in the timeline of what I actually wore. I’ll go back to the previous outfit, but I’m just too excited about this one to wait.

A while back, back in the days when I was at my old job, and things were good, a Flickr Friend/ boutique owner made something new, and she posted pics on Flickr. I fell so in love with her new design we started talking about her making one for me. Then I lost my job, and some things got lost in the shuffle.

But the other day I wore an outfit and I thought “Oh this would be so awesome with that harness Angie made.” So I went back and found her etsy shop and ordered one.

It’s by iheartnorwegianwood.

March 4

I. Love. It.

I’ve mostly seen the kids wear this creation with a little bit of edge. But I thought it might be fun to show how you can pair it with something really subdued as well, and end up with a great result.

March 4

I took some close ups for you…

March 4

March 4

March 4

I can’t wait to wear it a million different ways. It’s brilliant.

Skirt and top, Walmart
Elastic Harness,
Tights, Target
Boots, Arturo Chang


Sal said...

Sexaaaay! And what a great way to wear it.

Alannah said...

Seriously, that outfit is from Walmart? I sooo love it. That harness looks amazing on you (ooh la la)! <3

(ps--new ring?)

Nemo said...

Okay, in the hopes you value the honest opinion--I don't like it.

I totally see how it looks great from the front--Great implication of seaming in all the right places--but from the back? You look like you're wearing a medical brace. Which is no where near sexy. Or fashionable. ;/

Maybe you could alter a shirt you like it with so that the back straps are worn beneath the clothing?

Otherwise, I'd like it from the front but mock it and guffaw at the back. In all honestly. :(

hello jamie: said...

You look soooooooo skinny and va-va-VOOM, nice rack lady!!!!!

I am not sure I could ever pull that contraption off (I'm not so good with complicated wardrobe pieces) but you look great. AS usual. XOXOX

Caroline said...

This look is killer - so subtley edgy, and really shows off your teeny waist! I love it!

Work With What You've Got said...


To be honest, I don’t really care for negative feedback. If I ask for advise, that’s another beast entirely. But as this blog is just something I do for fun, and to feel good about myself within the community of fashion bloggers (who are so uplifting and sweet!) if I don’t ask, I am really not interested in negative feedback. I hope you can appreciate that.

Candycane said...

Woow I actually really love it - don't know if could pull it off myself tho but you look fab - love the top and skirt too!!

Fab, Fab, Fab

Eyeliah @ said...

you are pushing me over the edge... I need money to buy one.... wait, is it comfortable? please let me know!