Monday, March 23, 2009

Denim Jacket Failboat

I didn’t love this outfit. I didn’t hate it either. I just didn’t love it. I think I might have loved it on someone else, but it just wasn’t very “me”.

March 19

And I am 98% sure it was the jacket.

March 19

I don’t like denim jackets, really. I only have this because all the books tell me you “should” have a denim jacket. I also don’t love the light wash on it.

I do like random neon lights in my pictures though!

March 19

And this necklace Lara over at Fashionate made me.

March 19

And my favorite “Love Erin Designs” bird earrings.


And I love the skirt.

March 19

I will try this outfit again really soon, but with a different topper. I think I might like it that way.

Jacket - Bitten by Sarah Jessica Parker
Skirt- Target
Tights, Target
Boots, Matisse
Bag- Steven by Steve Madden
Earrings, Love Erin Designs at Etsy
Necklace, handmade by Lara


eednic said...

my dog ate the pocket off of my denim jacket.

true story.

The Monkey Attack Victim said...

Oh wise one, when do you think tights need to be retired? I always feel a little odd wearing them in the spring, but my legs are just not ready to be exposed yet. They still have that translucent quality like a mole's skin.

estrella said...

I do love your outfit, maybe because I also love denim jackets :) You look great, really!

Ah, The Monkey Attack Victim, good question... my legs seem raw too, I'm applying some auto-tanning body milk on them to get rid of my tights as soon as possible! :)

Sal said...

Maybe dye that jacket a deeper indigo?

As for tights, I've banned my opaques but am still sporting patterns. Seems like a good middle ground until it gets warm enough to go without!

hello jamie: said...

I'm not crazy over my denim jacket either, E! although, it is somewhat better when I put some funky brooches on it. at any rate, I think you look super cute, even though I know how you feel.

Kasmira said...

Yes, dye the jacket! It's super easy:

Tina said...

I was also going to suggest dying the jacket to a color that is more suited to your taste, but I see the fashionistas before me have already suggested it. If you do dye it, but sure to show us the results!

Alannah said...

I think it looks cute but I have a hard time with denim on me too (and I also have a lighter wash one that just feels too 90s). You pull it off perfectly! Is that a recent skirt from Target or old school? I really like it!

yotababy said...

So, I usually don't like denim jackets at ALL, on ANYONE, but I have to say, I think yours looks fantastic on you with this outfit. Maybe it's because I've never seen anyone wear a denim jacket buttoned up before, like you are in these pics. Whatever the reason, I think you're the only person I've ever really seen pull it off so well.

That's just my take.

Anonymous said...

I agree on the denim jacket front. I am sure some people can look casual yet smart and pretty yet rugged, but I always look like a giant pair of jeans with arms!

Theressa said...

Yep, I was going to suggest dying the jacket too!

I really love this whole outfit. I think you pull it off really well, and the boots and jewelry are fantastic.

On the tights front, I tend to wear tights until it's warm enough to go barelegged. And from that point on, I pretty much put away the tights. (For instance, no tights at all in June through August even if its crazy cold just because it feels weird to me).

futurelint said...

I'm pretty picky on my denim jackets and have only come to like them in the last year. I like to buy them in the children's section of thrift stores, so they are nice and fitted and cropped. I also bleached the heck out of one, and dark indigo dyed the heck out of another. These two are my faves!

I really like the fabric of the skirt! That necklace is really cool too!

Candycane said...

I really like this outfit - it's v mid 90's and I really think it suits you!

Eyeliah @ said...

se and it, so there you go.

Lmac said...

Very cute look!

TigerLily said...

I think this outfit looks great on you, i like it. The jacket is fine too. I think you should definitely try to wear it again really soon ^__^

oh and i like ur blog, maybe we can trade links?