Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Better in Real Life

Sometimes I will wear an outfit all day and LOVE it. I feel great. Sexy, sassy, confident, and fun. And then when I see it in pictures…eh. This is one of those outfits.

April 07

I seriously loved wearing it. And I’ll probably wear it again (next Winter, I suspect it won’t be cold enough again this Spring in time for me to wear the knee-highs over tights.) But I don’t feel like it translated well to pictures. I STONGLY suspect this can be attributed to the 10 pounds of depression weight I have put on over the course of my, and now my husbands lengthy unemployment. I’ve vowed to work on it. I don’t think of myself as “fat” by any means, but this is above my “happy weight”. “Happy weight” is that weight where you are thin and fit enough to feel good about yourself and you don’t have to devote every minute of every day struggling to stay that size. At happy weight one can still have onion rings sometimes, but one also feels killer in their favorite tight pants.

At any rate, I do feel better about the way it looks sans jacket in pictures (although in real life I think the jacket looked really cute). I just feel you can better see the actual shape of my body, which, I’ll just say it, is nice. Really. I am not one to brag, but I also got really tired of hating on my perfectly good hourglass figure a long time ago.

April 07

I really loved the accessories today too.

Key earrings, one of the first things I “made” when I got back into jewelry making. And by “made” I mean threw on a fish hook.

April 07

My signature necklace (I’ve sold a few of these in the turquoise at church, and sometimes at service or Wednesday night community, there are 2 or 3 people wearing it at once. It just fills my heart with untold joy to see that) in brown.

April 07

And a super fantabulous necklace with a locket watch I got on etsy. I mean, super. I have tiny wrists and so traditional watches look really dumb on me. And I looked for a while on etsy before finding this one, for $20 bucks even! $20 bucks. Such a steal. I’ve worn it every day for almost a week.

April 07

Locket watch

Jacket, Dress, tights and knee socks, Target
Boots, Matisse
Earrings and bird necklace, self made
Watch necklace,


Stephanie N. said...

I think it's looks great, but I know what you mean about some outfits looking so much better in person than in photos. I think that's why I do so many "hands on hips" poses, because then you can still see my waist though looser outer layers.

Sal said...

It drives me nuts when an outfit doesn't photograph well ... for what it's worth, I think this ensemble looks fantastic on yas. Even with jacket!

WendyB said...

I think you look good, but I totally empathize with the issue of feeling that something doesn't photograph well. I always feel so cheated!

Alannah said...

I can't believe it if you gained 10 pounds--it sure doesn't show! I love your hourglass figure. <3

Those keys are awesome! I've never seen any that look quite like those.

eednic said...

you are the hott tamale to end all hott tamales. that is all!

except now i'm going to go eat lean cuisine lasagna. nom.

Candycane said...

I tried to post earlier but it wouldn't let me :( boo!

Anyway you look great - but I know what you mean about looking and feeling better in "real life" sometimes th epic doesn' do the outfit justice!

Oh and I love the key earrings!!!

Audi said...

How can you not feel sassy in knee high socks? Love 'em! I for one can still tell how awesome the outfit is, no matter what you say about the picture quality.

wardrobeexperience said...

i discoverd your blog some days ago... and just fell in love with it. nice style... beautiful dresses... can't wait to see more ; )

i added your blog to my list of links already. I would be very happy,if you would add mine to your list.... thx.

Lmac said...

I love your dress!

Sher said...

I give all fashion bloggers out there that post photos of themselves a lot of credit. Many fashion blogs are just Polyvore pictures. While the polyvore is great for links to buy. Those of us that post the in real life look take it an extra step. Posting the fit, actually body fit, length of pants. etc. We put ourselves out there more for critiquing.

You look great in your outfit and your jewelry just gave me some inspiration ideas.

I'm new to blogging and was wondering if you would like to exchange links?