Thursday, April 16, 2009

I’m wearing tights until they make me sweat.

(Sorry for the quality of the pictures. I’m still learning, and I hate that sometimes my indoor pics come out so blurry.)

March 25

I know there are those who disagree but I am personally on the tights train until it just gets WAY to hot to continue. I love the look of a black tight.And I love the fact that I don’t have to shave every day, ha! My least favorite thing about warm weather is all the shaving it entails.

March 25

I didn’t love or hate this outfit. I felt pretty and it was comfortable. I didn’t feel AMAZING though. I have quite a few outfits that make me feel really great, and I guess that sets the standard pretty high. I have recently been reminded that most people just sort of wear clothes. They don’t put anything into it, and they don’t really get any thing out of it. Clothing brings me so much joy, and I have this whole sub-culture (you!) that feels the same way, I often forget that clothes are merely functional for some.

March 25

Erin over at Haute Hardware made these, and Nathan dubbed them “Naughty Nauticals”. We all found this deeply amusing. Then, for reasons unknown, they failed to sell at like, 3 different shows. They were so cute!~ And so low priced!~ And “Naughty Nauticals” is so fun to say! What was happening? So Erin gave them to me, and I have enjoyed them very much and take THAT girl who eyed them for 20 minutes but was unable to make the EARTH SHATTERING decision to lay down all of ten bucks for them. (I cannot even tell you how frustrating it is when people hem and haw over a pair of 10 dollar earrings that your friend HAND MADE. It’s a uniquely irritating experience. As evidenced by all the BOLD CAPS I just used. ) People are weird, y’all.

Cardigan Belt and tights, Target
Dress, Old Navy
Boots, Arturo Chang
Bag, Abro
earrings, HauteHardware.Etsy.Com


Sher said...

Shaving? I hear you! :D I really like the spring colors in your dress. And it's comfortable? why that's a win, win situation!

Tina said...

You may not think what you are wearing is anything special, but I think that dress is great. The colors are amazing!

I've been wishing I was still wearing tights and I can't believe you aren't hot! I might have to drag mine one or two more times. If you can take, I guess I can too. ha!

futurelint said...

um, you shoulda felt amazing because that dress rocks! I love it! Everyone has all this cute stuff (like shoes! and dresses!) from Old Navy all of a sudden and I've been on this no-shopping-at-chain-stores (except Target, cause well, it's local!) kick for like three years... damn you Old Navy and your cute and cheap wares!

I totally agree on the people who are SO cheap for HANDMADE things... my screenprinted t-shirts are $20 and they all have 2-3 graphics on them, are handmade individually, and are American Apparel jersey knit shirts... I think it's a hell of a deal and SOOO many people are like, oh, will you take $10? $15? NO! I will not!

Alannah said...

I have to agree, that dress looks fantastic on you! You should feel amazing in it!

I am one of the people for whom clothes are merely functional but I sure do appreciate them on other people who put a lot of care into how they look! For some reason, I always feel like fashion doesn't apply to me.

I love the look of tights too, and my legs are way too pale to go without so I usually feel like I have to wear them!

$10 for those earrings is a total steal! Adorable.

Sal said...

Oh, I will so miss the stubble-concealing powers of tights once it gets truly warm.

And let me echo the sentiment that this dress is GORGEOUS and looks fantastic on you.

Rachael said...

Amazing dress and it looks great with the cardi and boots.

Kelly said...

That dress looks awesome on you!

Anonymous said...

if we all dropped money on everything that we liked or semi-liked, we all have shopping addictions.

Shannon (The Daily Balance) said...

Lovin the dress -- so cute, you look fantastic!

I just found your blog and wanted to say hi!

I actually have a fashion-themed contest on my blog every Friday, you should check it out and enter!

hello jamie: said...

I am sadly, one of those "functional" dressers-- I wish I wasn't, but I am most of the time. I read your blog every day though, because I am so jealous that you can look so cute every day!!!

And ps> I think tights can be worn year-round-- you can always switch to a colored tight if black are too hot in the summer. I wear grey ones a lot, and actually, magenta. A lot. With all sorts of outfits that don't contain magenta. Whatever; I think they're comfy and cute and I hate shaving too.

Boutique Girl said...

I find this all the time in the shop people hem all over a little £4 tank but do not think twice about £150 dress!!

Lesa said...

Always Summer

Not only do I love the dress, the purse is great too!


Candycane said...

I love wearing tights - my legs are sooooooooooooooooo pale!!

Cute dress!

wardrobeexperience said...

what a gorgeous dress!!!
I'm very happy about the sunny weather in germany - but I don't need more then 20°... otherwise I have to stop wearing tights. And I really like them, too. ; ))))

Tira said...

I love that dress. I saw it in Old Navy, and couldn't quite figure out how to rock it. I'm kicking myself for not buying it off the clearance rack now. It looks cute on you.

Budget Babe said...

oh oh! I have that dress and I love it. Great job styling it, that's how I usually wear mine too (black tights, black jacket, black boots).

carbon 38 said...

You are looking fabulous dear. I just loved your outfit, and tights are super comfy for casual wear too. I like to wear workout tights in gym especially and best part is that leggings are very affordable. I feel so comfortable in wearing any top on colourful legging.