Friday, April 24, 2009

Secret Tee.

Ok, first off, it was windy when I was taking my photos and who doesn’t love a picture of themselves with their hair and skirt gently blowing in the breeze?

April 23

Stunning!~ I felt like such a super model.

April 23

As my friend Rebel would say “Chest out, chin up”. I love it.

April 23

Annnnnnd now we’re back to normal. But it was fun.

This entire outfit was constructed so that I could get away with wearing my new My Bloody Valentine concert tee to work. It is so pretty, I would have loved it even if it wasn’t a souvenir of a really great night. The colors and pattern are just really appealing to me, and I felt like they looked really pretty peaking out of my west all day.

April 23

And here is the tee sans vest.

April 23

So pretty!~ And a close up…

April 23

These sandals are hands down, the most "out there" piece I own. People tend to love or hate them. MEN tend to really like them. I got a compliment from no less than three strangers who said things such as, and I quote “Oh, wow, really cool shoes. Really cool.”

April 23

April 23

And for those of you wondering, yes, my ankles get reallllllly hot if I wear them in late summer, outdoors. Luckily I don’t spend a lot of time outdoors in late summer.

Pretty earrings that I don’t wear often enough…

April 23

And finally, if you get in the shot when I’m lining it up, you go in the blog. Ladies and gents, I present my husband, working it.

April 23

Tee, My Bloody Valentine show
Vest, Go International at Target
Skirt, American Apparel
Sandals, Jeffery Campbell
Earrings and necklace,


Tina said...

Love the new T, Erin. The colors are beautiful! I'm glad you found a way to wear it to work.

Alannah said...

Wow, best concert t-shirt ever!

I say it every time, but I LOVE those shoes. I would totally own them if they were vegan. LOVE.

Why hellloooooo Nathan! Hubba hubba.

Sal said...

Seriously, I don't think I've EVER seen such an arty concert tee. Love it!

Stephanie N. said...

Your husband cracked me up. Love this whole post. Gorgeous tee.

Lizabeth said...

I always love thrifting odd, but lovely shoes, but am always far too afraid to wear them out. So, I have a dungeon of glorious shoes in my closet that stare at me in disgust, as I reach for a pair of plain flats.

Keep it up!

Sher said...

I would wear that T even at my age. Love the artwork. Enjoyed your husband "working it" LOL! Great post :)

Becca said...

Good work fitting a concert tee in a "work" outfit and love the hubby posing.

Candycane said...

Hubby posing is fab!

Love the outfit!