Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Bun pics!

Pics of me wearing Kasmira’s "messy bun"

Indoor shots, taken by me, and a little off center…
Kasmira's messy bun

Kasmira's messy bun

And an outdoor shot by Nate…

Kasmira's messy bun

I promise to stop raving but really, this hairstyle has been a lifesaver on days when I wake up late, and on rainy days, when my hair tends to get REALLY big if I leave it down. I'm not great at bobby pin placement yet, but I'm getting better. It’s so easy, and so cute.


Alannah said...

Totally adorable--I'm a huge fan! I wish my hair was longer so I could try it.

Anonymous said...

Great bun! I have to get some bobby pins and try this! It doesn't even look schoolmarmish or old lady at all!


kerri said...

this is a teacher's DREAM 'do!

i've had more buns since i read this post than is probably healthy for a 27 year old.