Monday, April 20, 2009

Record Store Day.

Saturday was Record Store Day, which is also the day that Good Records, in Dallas celebrates their birthday. That means an entire day of free shows, two stages, free food (BBQ and sides, hot dogs, hamburgers, snow cones, high class nachos and more!) and friends. We went out at noon, and stayed until about 3:30. We came home had a bite (we are not big red meat eaters, and it was before the nachos showed up, lol) and went back out around 5 until about 7:45. Then I came home and went to get a friend for a charity event.

I admit that when we came home at 3:30, I changed. I was originally in a dress and tights, and I felt OK, but I just wanted to be a bit more casual. So I changed into my favorite denim leggings. From Target, you know the ones!

April 18

I took these pictures between the Record Store Day event and the charity event, which explains the how dark it was.

April 18

Alannah got my this shirt during one of those famous Threadless $10 sales. I love the design, but I was never crazy about the fit. So I cut it up. I cut the sleeves down to cap sleeves, I cut the color out to make it more of a boat neck and I cut the bottom off so that all of the edges matched (I didn’t seam anything back up, I just left the edges raw) and now I love the way it fits.

April 18

I especially find the neckline more flattering. I love a flash of collarbone on a lady!

Because the design on the shirt is so attention grabbing, I went easy on the accessories. Just a bracelet and ring.

April 18

April 18

Jacket, Alexander McQueen for Target
Tee,, gift, altered by me
Denim leggings, Target
Boots, Matisse
Ring, ebay


Sal said...

What a fantastic idea! I love Threadless tees, too, but the shirt style they use is too boxy for me ... love how you altered yours.

Rachael said...

I didn't know there were such things as denim leggings! They must be so comfy. You look HOT!

Tina said...

We drove by that and I wondered what was going on! If I had known there were free nachos, I def would have come back! LOL

I agree with Sal, I have such a hard time with Ts - they are too boxy on me. In fact, this weekend, I took about 6 old Ts and cut & sewed them down into rags. (Our goal is to give up paper towels.) Maybe next time I'll try a little creative alterations before I consign them to the rag pile.

Anonymous said...

Oh! I'm totally going to alter my Threadless tees. They are so boxy and sometimes not the most flattering fit. Great idea!


Anonymous said...

Those boots are AWESOME!

hello jamie: said...

OMG you may have just changed my life. I too LOOOOOVE t-shirts (as you know) and hate the boxy boy fit... and LOVE a nice boatneck fit. And have a new BSG t-shirt to try it all out on. I may need some more info. Or for you to show me next month when I come see you.

(PS> you have already changed my life, just by being in it, old friend, but obviously I mean you may have just changed my fashion life as well. XOXOX)

Stephanie N. said...

Umm, you look hot. Like rocker-chic hot. Don't mean to sound like a stalker! I've rarely seen leggings-as-pants look that good.

Sher said...

Leggings look great on you! I could never pull that off. I would have to put a longer coat on.

Anonymous said...

You have such great style!

Thanks for posting the Ruche website! I've never heard of them, and their stuff looks so cute!

Deborah-lee said...

You have a great style and you wear it so well. You just look so rock chic glam all the time!!

Kim said...

Ugh I can never effectively cut up t-shirts so that they look cute. Is there a trick to it?

I am dying of being in love with that bracelet ohmigosh.


Alannah said...

I need to get my shirt like that altered or buy another a size or two down. I've never minded the fit of those shirts but the sizes are sometimes funky! I love that on you though--you look totally hot in black! That bracelet is so perfect for you! Awesome.


Work With What You've Got said...

Kim, there's not really a trick that I know of, other than go slow, cut off a little before you cut off a lot, and keep going until it's right. I start by JUST cutting off the sleeves above the seam, the neck just around the collar and the bottom right above the seam. And then I try it on, take a look and see where I'd like to take off a little more. Sometimes I try it on 5 or 6 times before I'm done, but I learned the hard way it's better to go slow that over estimate how much you want to take off!~

Thanks for all the lovley comments guys!~ You are too kind!

Kim said...

Ah thanks Erinbum. Such things will stop me from not buying t-shirts I like just because of the cut.

Also, I suspect once I'm paid at least £35 is going to be dropped on stuff even though I can't afford it. I am seriously painfully in love with a lot of the stuff there. Thank you for a wicked link. x

Kyla said...

Love this outfit! We have really similar styles - I'm a big fan of the concert tee with tight pants and boots. Lovin' it!

yublocka said...

Another big fan of what you've done with the threadless top! I'm going to attack one of mine on the weekend and see how that goes - I'm sure like you I'd get alot more wear out of it that way!!