Tuesday, June 1, 2010

My Mama Told Me, You’d Better Shop Around

I took Friday off and we finally had some time to do a little thrifting. We had a credit for Buffalo Exchange* as well, so we hit that first. I did not find what I was looking for, but I did find some things I didn’t know I needed until I saw them…you know what I mean!

May 28

It was hot. So hot I wore shorts. And that’s hot, because I am not actually a huge fan of shorts. I mean, shorts by themselves. I love them layered with tights, or leggings. But just me, shorts and my bare legs? Not a fan.

May 28

(Look. I’m so tiny.) We also hit a few thrift stores, and again, I did not really find what I needed, but I got a couple things anyway. I ended up with baby pink and black Ralph Lauren oxfords and a sequined skirt from Buffalo Exchange, and a dress to match the oxfords and a pair of red cowboy boots from thrifting. Total spent less than 7 bucks. Because we had a credit at Buffalo Exchange, remember? So it totally doesn’t count as money spent. It counts as a trade. I mean, they got a better deal in the trade, but they always do.

May 28

It was fun even though I didn’t find any dress pants, or harem pants or cute floral dresses. But it always make me so tired. Is anyone else like that? I don’t know what it is, but thrift shopping is so draining. I come home and just crash.

May 28

*Ok, can I just take this opportunity to be an old lady and tell you a pet peeve of mine? I see people refer to stuff they got at Buffalo Exchange as “thrifted”. And you are totally free to do so as I have not yet been appointed the Official Word Police, and also, I make up my own words and break all kinds of word laws all the time anyway, BUT, stuff purchased from Buffalo Exchange is second hand, not thrifted. Because Buffalo Exchange is a second hand store, not a thrift store. I have no idea why I need to differentiate the two, but I do.

Tee, thrifted
Belt, Thrifted
Buckle, Vintage
Shorts, Wal-Mart
Boots, Target
Bag, thrifted, vintage
Earrings, gift from Alannah (but they are from H&M)


Alannah said...

That shirt is fantastic, and I love the earrings with it! I am totally not a fan of shorts either, but I think you look really good. The whole outfit is pretty amazing in my opinion!


Emily Kennedy said...

Aw, your legs look so fantastic in shorts, it's a bummer you don't like to rock them. Interesting point about the difference between second-hand and thrifted. I think this still comes back to you not liking the prices at Buffalo Exchange. But, for people who normally never buy used clothing, the stuff at Buffalo Exchange is more thrifty than what they normally find.

hillary said...

I think the point erin is making is that thrift stores are for the benefit of a charity.
Second hand shops aren't(necessarily but they can)

What bugs me is 20 year olds calling stuff I wore in highschool "vintage" or when people bitch about the prices at THRIFT stores. (it's going to charity yo. complain silently)

hillary said...

forgot to subscribe.

jesse.anne.o said...

The Buffalo Exchange, Beacon's Closet, etc thing also drives me insane. I just called them "resale shop" if I do list it (usually I just put the resale shop's name).

Kristen said...

I used to feel that way about shorts because all the shorts I owned sucked...but now that I have some cute shorts, I like wearing them.

Your shorts are cute.

Sal said...

That tee is rockin'. And I am with you on shorts ... not a huge fan for myself. But this pair is fab on you, and amazing with that belt.

A-Dubs said...

You are totally Bada$$ in this ensemble. Everything about it - including you in it - is freaking great!

'Looking forward to seeing how you style the new-old stuff, especially the cowboy boots.

Kimberly said...

You are rockin' this look and I love the photo shoot location. The swings are so fun!

Also, I am totally on board with you and the word policing. Second hand does not equal thrift.

Bri said...

I convinced my boyfriend this summer that it was ok to wear shorts and now he's loving them. (He was afraid of the whiteness of his legs. He is irish and very fair skinned.)

Also, totally agree with the thrift vs. resale shop thing, especially when I stop in Buffalo and see items practically full price to what they would be in regular retail, I can do better most days on clearance racks.

Lesa said...

Tiger shirt-so cute, love your pictures.

Future Lint said...

That shirt is awesome! Yeah, I agree about the whole consignment shops vs. thrift stores thing... I've only been to second hand stores a few times to sell things but I never label stuff I buy there as "thrifted"... I don't know why it bugs me, maybe because actual thrifting is time-consuming and hard and second-hand shopping is easier?

Rebecca said...

The shorts look great on you. I never wear shorts either, but I bought a pair for this summer since it has already been insanely hot here.

Lovers, Saints & Sailors said...

Great pictures! It's cool to see you in casual wear too. Rock those shorts!

Sheila said...

For me, the differentiation is easy:

Thrift stores: no organization (maybe in large categories, like coats, or women's pants), proceeds go to charity.

Consignment/second hand shops: some attempts at merchandising/displays, higher prices.

You look kickass with those boots and shorts on...and I like your tiger tee - RAR!

Kristen said...

Great shots, great shorts, great belt buckle, great rant.

Breanne at Bella Vita said...

Oh my goodness, love this outfit! You look great. And the swings are such a fun photo shoot location!!

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grace said...

I'm with you on the rant. If you get something at a consignment store, you didn't thrift it. Thrifting implies the work of digging through garbage for treasures. Consignment is just shopping.

Clare said...

Oh man, you look so badass in these pictures! I love this!!

Heidi said...

You're funny! :) You're the only other fashion blog I follow (my sister @ Fruit in a Box being the first) and I really like the theme here. Keep the blog posts coming!