Tuesday, June 15, 2010

She’s Instantly More Pretty and More Interesting Than Me

Ok. Here is the thing. I know there is a Black Out Challenge on, or at least, there was when I wore this outfit. I was not participating, but I swear, I was not trying to be a punk. What I was being was really lazy.

June 10

It’s not my best effort. It’s boring. And I think it’s actually a great example of why a Black Out Challenge is such a good idea. I didn’t feel bad in this outfit, but I sure didn’t feel my best.

June 10

The tassel on the back of that necklace seemed like such a good idea when I made it, and I do still love the aesthetic of it, but that thing basically ends up in front tangled up with the rest of the necklace most of the time.

June 10

I will say this, I was comfortable at least. This was basically the same as wearing PJs to the office.

June 10

I forget where I got that adorable mustache ring. If I weren’t so lazy, I’d look it up, but I AM.

June 10

Nathan found this at a thrift store for a buck fifty or something. I love it. I hope that all it needs is a new battery (yes, I wore a non functioning watch all day). The battery is a 396. We have looked at CVS, Target, Wal-Mart and Office Depot. No luck. I know they sell them at the Swatch store, but the Swatch store is in the mall. I used to love the mall, but now it’s just like, a big shrine to things I want and cannot afford. It give me hives just thinking about it so I am avoiding going there. It’s not looking like I am going to get out of it if I want the watch to function though. BOO.

Tee, AA
Trousers, Forever XXI
Belt, Target
Bag, LUSH, secondhand
Necklaces, self made
watch, Swatch, thrifted
Shoes, White Mountain via Amazon.com


hillary said...

order the battery on ebay. I got a like 8 pack of swatch batteries for like $6 bucks. I have a few swatches and now apparently have a enough batteries for life. (Mine is the skin kind)

Danielle said...

I have that watch too! Mine was a Christmas present in 1986 and I've never been able to part with it.

Amanda M. said...

I know what you mean about the mall. The place that sharpens my kitchen knives is in the mall and I have to walk past a Victoria's Secret (hello, beautiful stuff that will never fit) AND Journey's (hello shoes that I can't afford). They should put the places that provide services as near an entrance as possible!

Your blog is cute, and I like your tasseled necklace.

Anonymous said...

do you have one of those "battery plus" stores near you? they have tons of different batteries there.

jessica said...

hush yourself woman, you look great!

Branka said...

I seem to breaking the no-black week rule too, completely not on purpose I swear. But I love your rock look today, totally awesome.

myownlittleuniverse said...

yes!!! an old swatch watch! that's so awesome...i miss swatches. i love that necklace you made!

Rebecca said...

I think the tassel on that necklace is adorable, but it makes sense that it would be hard to wear.

Sal said...

Hahaha. Lucky for your BLACK-OUT week is over or I'd be all up in your bidness.

OK, not really.

Alannah said...

Oh my gah, I love that Swatch. I remember that one from when it first came out. I have probably 20 Swatches and they're all out of batteries. It's too hard to keep up with that many watches!

Anyway, I think these pictures are adorable and you look great even if you felt "lazy". Still two thumbs up from me~!

Lauren said...

For an outfit created out of alleged laziness, it sure is very stylish! Love all the accessories and how they play off the black!

WendyB said...

You look like a New Yorker!

Sheila said...

You still look effortlessly cool - and I love those clogs! That necklace is amazing...what about making the tassel longer so that the weight of it holds it down your back more?

Heh, I remember that Swatch. I have one with a dead battery too(but not that pattern).

Breanne at Bella Vita said...

I love the mustache ring and your picture with it is hilarious. You are too fun!

Black can definitely be super chic--and I do think you think chic and sleek here--but I'm always drawn to brights!

- Tessa said...

It's the heat - it's just lazy-making. Ugh...it's already 96, heat index 114 in Houston.

Life with Kaishon said...

flipping love the moustache ring :) You are so clever. I basically wear all black every.single.day!