Friday, July 9, 2010

And We Can Go, Go, Go And Never Look Back On Now

Here is what the photos generally look like in the mornings right now.

June 8

It is so muggy. They got the AC at work fixed though, so it’s hot and muggy outside, and bone chilling cold inside. Ah the joys of Summer in Texas.
But last night it got cool enough the camera could handle it, and the rain slowed to a drizzle so we could snap these…

June 8

I loved this outfit. Top to bottom. That jean jacket is on sale right now for less than $13.00. They have it in dark and light washes and my Target had tons of sizes. I have military style jackets, and cropped jackets, but I did not have a regular old jean jacket. It’s a great deal!

June 8

I also grabbed this top* which is pretty much perfect. It’s darted and fitted at the bust and then just sort of floats away from the rest of my body. I felt so tall and slim in it. And it breathes so I was comfortable when I left the arctic chill of my building.

I met my good friend Laura at the mall the other day, we were getting together to see Eclipse** because we have a standing date to see the Twilight films together. And since I had a little pocket money, I stopped into the Aldo. I went straight to the sale section. And there they were. Last pair in the store. My size. Spectacular.

June 8

I tried them on and bought them in less than 5 minutes. And I was thrilled. And I also felt a tiny bit of that panic you feel when you don't shop often and drop quite a bit on something that isn't food or rent. But it passed. Also, let me just say, I have been wearing them nonstop for 3 days now and they are so super comfortable. Almost like sneakers they are so bouncy inside. And more comfortable than the flats I was wearing when I bought them. I went right out after we ate dinner in the gorgeous and classy food court and scuffed them on the concrete and then wore them to the movies. It is true love. They were a bit of a splurge even on sale, but I don’t regret it one bit.

*No we didn’t suddenly come into money, y’all. I wish! I sold a few things for some spending cash!

** It was SO GOOD. I want to see it again. I liked Twilight and I liked New Moon, but I loved Eclipse.

Jacket, Target
Blouse, Target
Trousers, Forever XXI
Shoes, Aldo
Bag, Nordstrom Rack
Mismatched earrings, because I can


Sal said...

I am so glad those shoes are yours. SO glad. They couldn't be more Erinish if they tried.

Rebecca said...

Those shoes are badass. They look great with your outfit.

Amblus said...

Love! Love it from top to bottom. Is the top from Target new? Because I think I need it.

Life with Kaishon said...

I love the shoes so much!
So glad you could make the purchase. Sometimes it is nice to splurge. And what a bonus that they are comfortable. You just gotta love that : )

Emily Kennedy said...

Adorable new shoes!

You liked Eclipse? Me and three of my friends went and we laughed our asses off, completely inappropriately, for almost the whole movie. Except when we were groaning. I guess we're tough critics.

Alannah said...

I love that entire outfit so much. You look so sleek, yet really cute. Awesome!

I agree with Sal, those shoes are SO you. Perfect!!

I also want to know if that blouse was a recent purchase because I love it! I'll have to check out those jackets too. <3

Lauren said...

Agreed - love the whole outfit, head to toe!! That top is awesome and those shoes are amazing!!

Small Time Style

Cara said...

You can't beat a good classic jean jacket! I just picked one up last weekend... now if only it would be cool enough outside to wear it!

Eliana said...

Now that I saw a picture of you with your hair up, I think you would look very good with shorter hair!

HollyElise said...

Love the shoes! Glad they found their way to their rightful owner :)

I liked Eclipse best too - best one-liners, best directing!
("We both know I'm hotter than you" - Jacob to Edward) Bwahahaha!

RETRO REVA said...

Flippin amazing and so great shoes!
You rock!

Carlotta said...

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these pics are really beautiful..
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WendyB said...

Cute top. Did you wear your Isabella necklace to the movie? Are you on Team Jacob?

Lola said...

Wow, I am really impressed that you look just as put together in the evening as you do in the morning! I take all my pics before I leave the house, because by the time I get home my hair is a frizzy mess (especially in the summertime), my makeup's all worn, and I'm generally rumpled. And I just sit at a desk all day, imagine if I actually had to do stuff!

Angela said...

I love those shoes, love your style and loved Eclipse!

Linda said...


Apparently I jumped off the face of the blogging planet, but I still stalk you, know worries.

Looking hawt and those shoes are fannnntastic

Kristen said...

Ha! My morning pictures are like that too; I have to bring my camera outside about 15 minutes before I start shooting so it warms up to the same temp as the outside and it stops steaming up the lenses.

But shoes as hot as those will steam up your lens all day long!

Anonymous said...

I covet everything you're wearing. Your whole outfit is perfect. I want those SHOES. Can I covet your height or is that just too much???

Shoes = SWOON.

<3 kp

Don't forget to enter my Ruffled Tank giveaway!

Brickhouse said...

Fantastic! I knew I wasn't the only blogger who had those Don't worry too much about the wearing out part. I've had mine since last fall (on sale at Amazon) and right now they look the same as when I bought them. Aldo seems to have a lot of shoes/bags that appeal to my corporate punk, grown-up goth side. :)