Monday, July 19, 2010

Sleep Tight, Grim Rite

(Or “sleep tight, dream right” or “sleep tight, grim ride”. Am I right? I don’t think even Interpol settled on the lyrics there for a while. I want to say I read somewhere that they changed the lyrics a couple times but I can’t really say for sure. It might just be that it irritates me that it took me so long to figure them out only to discover I’m not 100% sure)

July 15

Basically, I am getting my $13 worth out of this jacket. It goes to work with me almost every day. It has been grocery shopping (Dude. It is always so cold on the freezer aisle that I find I need a jacket), it has been to the movies. It is not, however, going to see Gaga. I’m taking my Alexander McQueen to that. Or maybe a leather jacket. But I’m for sure aiming for Diet Coke cans. Wish me luck.

July 15

But still. It’s getting a lot of wear. I did tell Nathan when we were taking these at 8:30 AM one morning that it was already so hot outside that you guys were sadly not going to get to see the way the jacket looked on with this outfit, but trust. It was perfect.

July 15

July 15

I’ve been having some issues with my hair lately. I’m stressed. About a lot of things. (I hope it doesn’t irritate you guys that I don’t go into all that, but really, who wants to hear it on a fashion blog?) And some of the ways that is showing is my weight gain, which I have discussed, and my hair loss, which I have not. It’s not at tragic levels yet, but it is alarming to me. It’s happened before, but my hair is so long now that it seems worse. I have some places on my scalp I feel are sparse. Nathan doesn’t see it. And no one else has mentioned it either. But for me, it’s there. It’s noticeable. And it is, quite frankly, freaking me out.

Nathan knows this. And while he doesn’t see it himself, and he thinks it might be a case of “all in my head”, he knows that doesn’t make it any less real for me. And last week he bought me a set of really nice volumizing shampoo and conditioner from the fancy hair styling products side of the store we never shop from. It’s the small gestures like that that really show that he cares. And I noticed an immediate difference. My hair looked and felt fuller and I found I was able to think about the problem much less. The Brand he got was called “Big Sexy Hair”, which kind of cracks me up, but it smells amazing, and like I said, instant results after one wash.

Blouse, Target
Trousers, Forever XXI
Jacket, Target
Bag, Express, approximately 13 B.C.
Sandals, Target, ages ago
Necklace, vintage


Sal said...

Nathan is such a star. Really. The more you tell, the more I am convinced he rivals HM in awesomeness.

The pattern on that tank is amazing, as is the 13 BC bag. Hah!

tomncristy said...

I LOVE that top - the color's great on you and it's very pleasing to the eye.

What a sweetheart! My baby does that type of thing, too. I'm glad it's making you feel better. That's awesome!

V said...

If you're worried about losing your hair, I would go see a dermatologist who specializes in women's hair loss. I was worried too and like you both my husband and friends/family told me I was just worrying. I have naturally thick hair and had it super long like yours too. I let it go for a bit but then i was convinced it was true. When I went to the dermatologist, she confirmed that I was in fact getting thinner and chalked it up to genes (thanks, Mom and Dad!!!). They did a full hormone test, etc and ruled all that stuff out. Also, stress is a factor and/or diet. Anyway, I started using Rogaine for women. I know it's not a cure, but it REALLY has helped out a lot. The downside is it's a chemical on your scalp and once you use it, you have to use it forever. I figure it's a small sacrifice for my hair and I use it. If you are ever going to think about getting pregs though (we're talking about it) you have to stop taking it before you are even trying. Just an FYI. Sorry, I know this is long, I probably should have just emailed you!

rlutz said...

That shirt looks great on you. Ypu husband sounds like he is amazing!

Melissa said...

The top looks amazing on you, it looks so flowy and comfortable but it's very slimming too, in my opinion.

I'm so sorry that you're going through such a stressful time right now. It must be awesome to have such a supportive husband! I hope things start to calm down and ease up for you soon.

WendyB said...

Definitely go to a doctor for any hair loss! (Especially hair loss plus weight gain...could be hormonal. Or stress. But you can't tell till you get it checked out.) Can't wait to see what you wear to Gaga.

Alannah said...

I am really excited for you for Gaga! I am sure you will look AH-MAZE-ING. <3

I think you look fantastic despite all of the stress, but I definitely know how it is when YOU know something is going on even if it doesn't show. I'm so glad Nathan can support you with an extra-cute gesture like "Big Sexy Hair" shampoo. I so love that!

HUGE amounts of love to mah girl. <3

hillary said...

I agree with others about seeing a doctor but in the interim if you dont take it already get yourself a b multi or a bottle of straight up biotin which is what grows the hairs and the nails. My mom is a hairdresser and as she assured me recently stress is a major factor. (I lose it in clumps too)

myedit said...

Big Sexy hair had girlicious (the pussycat doll knock-offs) as spokesmodels, which made me giggle... But you can't argue that it makes your hair look good. I love that stuff...

Kristen said...

Supportive husbands are worth their weight in hair products. (And bacon, which they usually appreciate more.) So glad you have one in Nathan!

I bought that same Target top in a solid red and a great black-and-white pattern. Now I wish I had gone for the green instead!

Sabrina said...

I am going through the same thing with my hair, have been for awhile. I have gone to the doctor and he didn't say much. At this point I am just chalking it up to getting older. but I am going to have try the stuff your hubby bought you. Which is such a sweet thing to do. Mine just ignores it when I complain.

Sheila said...

Aw, what a sweetie your Nathan is. You could have low iron - thinning hair in women is often due to that. Go see a doctor!

Love the turquoise on you.

wonderlandboutique said...

Hey Erin,

Regular reader/rubbish commenter = me! had to stop by though as I've had the same thing with stress-related hair loss. So not fun. Well, I (and you) say hair loss, more than likely it was just hair thinning but it can be really disconcerting and when it happened to me I was so freaked out - so I empathise lovely!

Clearly some fabulous hair treats are working wonders - I found that vitamins were a lifesaver too - and of course, will make the wait until you're not stressed and your hair returns to normalcy, all the more tolerable.

Sending hugs across the blogosphere!
Amy at Wonderland Boutique x.

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K said...

Hiya Erin,

The colors on that tank look fab on you :)

I can rarely understand what Interpol are mumbling about, although that doesn't stop me from enjoying their music.

I hope your life gets de-stressed soon. Also, completely unrelated, I left you something on my blog (I seem to recall you don't do awards, but I just wanted to let you know that it's there).

Take care!

Kelly said...

For a while I was totally convinced that I was losing my hair. I would stand in the mirror forever inspecting everything. I would go outside on sunny days and take a hundred pictures of my head so I could see the back.

Now I'm (pretty) sure that it was all in my head. But while I was still freaking, I went to a dermatologist to talk about it and talking to her made me feel way better - not only did she tell me that she thought I was wrong, but she said that if I *wasn't* that there were different things we could do to stop it. And knowing what the "game plan" would be if my hair was really falling out made me feel better and more prepared about it. Maybe talking to a doctor would help?

Kelly said...

OK well now that I read all the other comments I see that I was being really redundant talking about going to the doctor :-p

Linda said...

Erin, Your hair is freakin fantastic and I think that maybe you are a little down on yourself because you are stressed.
I use "big sexy curls" conditioner that I bought on sale at a discount store... 4.99 can't go wrong. I like it but my curls aren't exactly big and sexy. Maybe I should try out the shampoo next time too...

everydayluxuries said...

So sorry you're going through a rough time. I have no advice to offer on your hair situation, but it seems like other readers have that covered. Nathan sounds so fabulously supportive - you guys will get through whatever's going on.

Also - you still look so gorgeous!

RubyAlison said...

Love the top, shoes, necklace! Looking fab as always!

I seem to being losing a lot of hair lately and it freaks me out too. I think it happens seasonally though because I seem to remember feeling this way last summer too...

Can I just say I love Interpol - yeah! Early on when they still only had one album out, I was seeing them at this small club in Boston and really wanted to know a lyric from Stella Was A Diver. I was talking to the guys after the show and asked about the lyric and they all told me that the only person who actually knew the lyrics was Paul, and Paul wasn't exactly the talkative type... It seems weird still to me that Carlos is no longer in the band.

Anyway, have a great day!

suzydirl said...

I love that top too! I can't believe you have different shoes on then your cage heels! (hehe!)

Karen said...

Great Blog!!! I love yoru hair and your taste in shoes!!


Jacinta said...

You still have gorgeous hair!! :)