Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Break The Lock if It Don’t Fit

(I’m disappointed in how these trousers photographed, they look as if they bunch weird and are unflattering, but it was just the way I was standing. I’ll try and you know, move, next time so we can get a more accurate and flattering picture.)

July 14

I really like them, even though I admit they have issues. They are pleated, and who would have ever thought we would come back to that? But I like how they give a look similar to a harem pant (which I am dying to find but have had no luck!) without going overboard. They are cropped at a dangerous length, with potential to be very unflattering, but I think my tiny ankles can work it. They are super lightweight and really comfortable. I got them in this grey as well as black.

July 14

My main challenge is going to be shirting them. They require something fitted on top, and my wardrobe is mostly skinny fit trousers, which means fitted on bottom and long and lose on top. I’m finding things that work though, like these AA vnecks.

So I’ve been having tons of fun with the earrings. I have made 9 or so single earrings and it is so much fun and so much easier than making two, because there is no symmetry to worry about. I don’t get a lot of close ups of my jewelry lately so I thought I’d share a few of the ones I have made as well as a couple of others.


All of my cuffs are from Jewelry Gallery, and the earring is from Prairie Oats at Etsy.


This earrings is made from a set I got from Moon Raven Designs at Etsy. They make most of the talons and skulls I buy, and have great prices and make really quality products. I ordered a set of earrings and then altered this by adding chain and moving it to a lever back earring.


This is the first earring I made specifically to work and wear as a single earring. It is the perfect weight. I can feel it, but it’s not heavy and it gives good “swing”.


I made this one primarily to wear opposite the tiny talons earring. I made them the same length.


I was watching “Pretty Little Liars” and the blond one was wearing an earring that had a cross and chains, so I hit pause, grabbed my kit, pulled a bunch of chain and whipped this up in about 10 minutes. I love it.


This skull is also from Moon Raven Designs, and I mostly pair this one with the cross and chain earring.


I JUST made this one and have not even worn it yet, but I think it will go really well with the Prairie Oats crystal bullet earring!

Vneck, American Apparel
Trousers, Apt 9 at Khols
Shoes, Aldo
Watch, Fossil (limited edition Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
Necklace, self made from vintage and craft store parts
Hoop and cross earring, self made
Bullet earring, Prairie Oats at Etsy
Leather bag, Express about 1000 years ago, when they made leather bags.


Alannah said...

Thanks for the earrings close-ups! Love those. You're very inspiring... I love how you make things so frequently and change old pieces. You always have something fresh and new.

Those pants look great and I really like that whole outfit on you. Black + grey = LOVE. Very classic-looking but super hip at the same time!

roller coaster teacher said...

I like the pants! I haven't ventured (back) to pleated pants yet, mostly because I think my height (5'3") and short torso need slim pants, but I like the look on others, and you look great!

rentboy4master said...

This is really, really awful. You can do (and have done) so much better. Pleated pants are never good and your shoes look like some kind of orthopedic S&M contraption.

Lauren said...

I completely disagree with the above commenter - I LOVE this outfit and think the pants look amazing on you. I love how you styled them! It looks great!

Small Time Style

Kristin said...

1. there were Fossil BtVS watches?!?
2. I'm totally digging all of the mismatched earrings lately. I've always loved some asymmetry.
3. I feel like my pants never photograph as well as I think they should. I think these look great and a lot of fun with the shoes. (To disagree with the comment above.)

everydayluxuries said...

Fab earrings! It's so fun to make your own jewelry, and I always feel such a sense of accomplishment when I wear mine.

Also, love the pants! I recently bought a black pair at Gap that are cropped and cuffed in the same place, but without the pleats. I can't decide whether or not pleating is a disaster on me, but I think you are rockin' it! This is an interesting change of silhouette for you. :-)

Rebecca said...

Great earrings.

I think the pants photographed well in the last picture. They look like they hit you at a thin part of your leg, which is great for a cropped pant.

Tamstyles said...

GET IT this look.

God's Favorite Shoes! said...

Those shoes are awesome! They look great with everything you've worn them with thus far.

Sal said...

The pants are truly fab - I've been looking for just that style, though I think you're wearing it better than I ever could!

Tonia @Chic Modern Vintage said...

I love the trousers, but the handbag and the shoes, I love them!

Kira said...

I love your earrings!! I am a lurker that had to come out and say I love the fashion statement of two different earrings!! As always great blog loooove your style!!

Kyla said...

Love these pants on you! I know what you mean about pleated pants not photographing well. TOTALLY know what you mean. I also have the same issues shirting pants like this. They look great on you, though and add so much style to a basic tee.

Cara said...

I'm definitely alternating between: "Wow, you're so much bolder than I could ever be" and "why don't I try something that like!"

I know my mother has a similar pair of pants in her: "Some day these will fit" closet... good thing I'm going to visit her this weekend!

Sheila said...

Love the mismatched earrings! I have to try that.

I like the trousers...but...yeah, you need a more fitted top. Not necessarily a button-down (so not you), but maybe a drapier fabric? Something more dressy than a tee.

I am jealous of your watch and I don't even wear watches!

tomncristy said...

I always love your jewelry. The cross and chain one is really cool. Those shoes are amazing!

Clare said...

SosoSO inspired by these pants. I have similar ones that I need to taper and hem, and I'm totally busting them out next week.

tinyjunco said...

nice silhouette! it's fun to see you branching out in some different shapes. your legs are so long i think you can go a lot of different ways on the lower half.

where did you get the birdwing piece? it's wonderful and i'm dying of curiosity!

Charlie said...

cool earrings! love the pants :)

Jess said...

I think you look fab in this outfit...the pants are something that I would have thought "OH GOD NO" looking at them alone (I have pleated pants fear for myself...they look AWFUL on me) but you are really working them. It just goes to show that you should try everything on regardless of how it looks on the hanger! :-)

Cody Jo said...

I just love those shoes! This outfit is very cute on you too. I am new to your blog, but really like it so far.

Sabrina said...

first, you look amazing in these pants.
Second, OMG those shoes rock and I want them.
Third, I have the same problem whenever I wear pleats too. That is probably why I avoid wearing them or even buying them.

Mindfulranter said...

Love,LOVE those shoes! Gotta get me some!

Stacey Kay said...

Those shoes are really awesome! Very tough chic!

Stacey Kay
"Runway Inspiration, Vintage Decoration"