Monday, September 13, 2010

Everything Looks Better When The Sun Goes Down

This was like an outfit equivalent to comfort food. I wore the dress and shoes yesterday,and when I woke up today I was not feeling so great. In fact I felt so bad I just added tights, a tank and a cardigan and went for day 2 in the dress and shoes.

September 13

And as lazy as the outfit was, and as boring as it kind of is, the lines are very flattering. I feel great in it. And I get around not quite being able to button the dress by adding a cami and pretending I layered for the look.

September 13

At least I hope I get around it.

I finally remembered to get a picture of this adorable gold filled safety pin earring! Too bad I forgot to close it before I did!

September 13

Isn't it adorable though? The seller normally sells pairs but listed a single for me as soon as I asked about the possibility.

I ended up feeling so poorly I lasted all of an hour and a half at before coming home, where Nathan is feeding me broth and crackers and Sprite. I’m sure I’ll be on the mend by tomorrow!

Cardigan and Dress, Target
Tights, Old Navy
Shoes, Aldo
Bag, thrifted
Safety pin earring, BBJUD at Etsy
Necklace, Moon Raven Designs at Etsy


A-Dubs said...

You on a sick day are eons better than me everyday. And I agree that you get away with the non-buttoning via the layering.

Feel better soon.

Laura said...

Sorry you are sick! But you look fabulous. The outfit isn't boring - it's adorable!

HollyElise said...

Gah you are so adorable!

Feel better fast, sweety!

Rebecca said...

I would never have guessed that you were sick in these photos. The dress looks great on you.

Collette Osuna said...

SO sorry your dont feel still look good to me:)

Love that little earring...super cute!!!

Statements in Fashion

Clare said...

Ooh, it's sooo flattering! I love the detailing on the torso!

Cara said...

I love that dress! It looks so great on you! Hope you feel better!!

Connie said...

Surprise surprise...I love the outfit! That's me..lazy and boring, I guess. Sorry you aren't feeling well but you do look great despite the fact.

Mia just saw your safety pin earring and I swear I'm calling YOU when she tries to poke one in her un-pierced ears b/c she liked it! Take that as a compliment..she's a stylish one.

April said...

you definitely rock the look and girl, i totally understand the cami-because-i-can't-button-up, and it works on you most definitely.

also that safety pin earring is the coolest thing ever. :)

Kat White said...

I think this is a very cute out fit...and so effortless...feel better soon!

Erin said...

Gorgeous! Next time I find a cute dress I can't button over my chest, I'm keeping this in mind!

Kelly said...

Oh no!! Feel better soon!

The seaming on that dress is awesome, btw

K said...

I love the look (and that bag)! :)

WendyB said...

Feel better!

tinyjunco said...

feel better soon! good luck if you have to go see a doc, though - you obviously must be in great shape, as good as you look : )

(putting that dress -tunic on me- in my 'to copy' file)

Secondhand Smash said...

Cute look. Love the shoes, too! I have a comfy office outfit, too.

Anonymous said...

great oufit! layering is fun :) and i love your safety pin! xx