Friday, September 17, 2010

Promise This, If I Die Before I Wake…Be The Last To Kiss My Lips

I was well pleased with this outfit. It has the ideal proportions for my body type, I think. Fitted on bottom, and floaty on top.

September 16

I actually got multiple compliments at work on this ensemble and I don’t often get compliments at work to be honest. I think it’s just not something people think of a lot around here, and that’s fine. It means when I do get a compliment, it’s all the more exciting.

September 16

This jacket is really amazing. It’s more of a flannel shirt material, really, but it’s so versatile. I have worn it to work with black trousers, and worn it out with band t-shirts and jeans and it wears just as well either way. I love something you can dress up or down. Suze was just saying today how she will not buy an item if she cannot wear it both to work and out, and I am kind of the same way. I have very few items that are exclusively for work (one dress) or exclusively for going out (sequined leggings). I just don’t have the funds to operate my wardrobe any other way.

September 16

What about you? Do you buy different clothes for your leisure time and the office (or wherever you work), or do you need your clothes to do double duty like Suze and I?

Jacket (it’s a more of a fancy shirt, really), mark
Tank, Target
Denim Leggings, Target
Snakeskin pumps, Target
Bag, Steven by Steve Madden
Pendant and talon earring, Moon Raven Designs at Etsy


EvaNadine said...

im mostly like you gals -- most items have to be able to pull double-duty. sure, some are more on one end of the spectrum or the other, but i need to be able to make them work.
however, once in a while, you just find a piece that you absolutely have to have, even if it wont get as much wearing as your regular pieces. i guess it just makes it all-the-more special when you do get to wear it. (yes, like sequinned leggings!)

Sheri said...

My daughter has that jacket~!!!

Anonymous said...

I want sequin leggings... :)

I have a few things that aren't work appropriate, but I've never spent much money on them :)

Sheila said...

I love that drapey tartan top! Wow, it's great on you!

I have very few items in my closet that can't do double duty (I've worn strapless dresses to work!). There are a few things, like long, full ballroom skirts, and very dressy dresses that aren't appropriate for work, but most of it crosses over.

On the other side of it, many of my casual wear items I wouldn't wear out for a dressy event (I never wear jeans for a special occasion, for example). I prefer to overdress, for work and for play!

Sal said...

WHAT a marvelous jacket! Very Vivienne Westwood.

And I prefer double-duty items, but definitely indulge in a few that'll only work for the office OR the weekend.

Rebecca said...

I like double duty items, but I need a few items that are only for nights out, like cocktail dresses.

I love that plaid jacket on you.

text machine said...

I rock similar proportions a lot. I think this outfit might be even cuter if you tucked the top in. I know some people aren't tuckers but lately I find myself tucking everything. It makes your legs look longer and your waist look smaller (usually). Just thought I'd throw that out there.

As far as the question at hand goes, I used to hate buying things just for work when I was waitressing. It's such a bummer. Double duty doesn't work as well when you're running around with food/drink/sweat for eight hours however. Keeping things distinct kept me feeling pretty outside work hours.

Secondhand Smash said...

Really loved that plaid top. I try to find stuff that I can wear at work AND at home, though some things I have for work I'd never wear out...

RETRO REVA said...

I really love the shape :)
It is an awesome buy!

Lovers, Saints & Sailors said...

That is a super fantastic jacket/shirt.
I'm with you guys. My wardrobe works both ways. I don't want to have to worry about going home and changing before I go out.
Plus my style is such an intrinsic part of me that I can't imagine it not factoring into every outfit I wear.

Collette Osuna said...

LOVE the plaid can really wear this one straight through to next look great!!!

Have a fabulous weekend!
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Anonymous said...

I don't work at the office, I make ice cream lollies for living, so no, I don't wear the same clothes for work and weekends.
Nice handbag you have. :)

Anonymous said...

I don't work at the office, I make ice cream lollies for living, so no, I don't wear the same clothes for work and weekends.
Nice handbag you have. :)

Between Laundry Days said...

That jacket is really so fantastic. I love how it compliments the simplicity of the rest of the outfit.

And real-life compliments are the best, aren't they? :)

Erin said...

What a pretty waterfall style jacket! I've been reading in magazines about how "in" they're supposed to be this fall. That looks so good on you, I might have to look for one now!

Iris said...

I would say that 95% of the things in my wardrobe work for all aspects of my life with the exception of a few things that might not be as work appropriate. I love the plaid flyaway cardi! It is very unique :)

Melissa said...

I make a grand attempt to buy things that I can wear in both places but since I apparently can't wear most of my skirts to work anymore (apparently they have to be at least knee-length and most of mine are just above the knee), I've realized that I can't keep doing that. I will for the most part but I'm not going to avoid buying a really cute dress just because it's too short for work.

I really love this outfit on you! The pattern mixing between the shoes and the jacket is great and you just look fantastic. It IS a great silhouette on you.

Anonymous said...

That is a great outfit. And the jacket is both colorful and stylish. Good work!

Anonymous said...

I fell in love with that jacket in the magalog at work but stopped myself from buying it. I'm never sure how true to size their clothing runs and returning things through my rep is a serious pain in the butt.