Tuesday, December 2, 2008

90s dress

So I’m not sure anyone but me is really up for this style coming back. But I love it. I found it at a thrift store for a couple bucks. I didn’t really have the curves for this style when I was younger, so I was excited that it looked so good on me. And our weather has been crazy cold one day and warn and sunny the next for a while now, which is why I was able to wear it with no sweater.

Nov 24

I know it would look better with my brown boots with heels, and I intend to wear the heels Friday to Nathan’s office party. We are supposed to come dressed as a decade and we choose the nineties. Nathan has this HORRIBLE Kurt Cobain sweater:

ugly sweater
(I stole this photo from Lara)

I am so not a fan of that sweater. But the guitar ups the hot factor.

Anyway. This day I wore it with flat boots, because we were running errands all day

Nov 24

And of course, knee highs.

This bag is another Goodwill find. Fossil, leather and so soft. And a great smaller size for those days I don’t need to have a book and an iPod and blah blah blah. AND I also got it in sage green!

Nov 24

I did try a sweater on before I knew how warm it was, but it was a great big MISS in my opinion and I traded it for an Alternative Apparel wrap after I saw this pic and before we left the house. I hated the silhouette on this.

Nov 24

But I still love these earrings!~
Nov 21

And I thought they looked great with this dress.

Shrug, Express, thrifted
Dress, vintage, thrifted
Boots, vintage
Bag, Fossil, thrifted
earrings, Love Erin Designs


Anonymous said...

I am madly in love with that handbag!! I like your outfit- especially the boots with socks- but I wore that style dress the first time around and think I'm probably too old for it this time (late 30's).

Anonymous said...

I have a little shoulder bag from Fossil that is similar to yours, but a little smaller. It looks great with the dress! The dress looks great on you! Not sure if I could pull that style off myself, haha.

Sal said...

You are having some seriously fantastic thrifting mojo, lady!

A said...

I love those kinds of dresses (although I guess I wouldn't have labeled them "90s"--I am not cool enough to know when they first came out)~! I was like Miss Floral Pattern in the 80s so I kind of always associate them with that, I think. (PS--Shhh, but I *still* have some of the floral skirts I used to wear from the 80s--is that horrible to admit?!)

How funny that you have a Fossil bag in this post, since I spent a lot of yesterday on their site window shopping for their jewelry! I have had Fossil on the brain lately.


WendyB said...

A whole lot of ugly clothes looked good on Kurt because he was so darn purty.

Andrea Eames said...

I don't think a lot of people could pull that look off (I totally couldn't!), but you do. You look really great, and really comfortable in your skin. :D

P.S. Word verification is 'pooliest'. That is a great word. We just have to come up with a meaning. :)

Londyn said...

Yep, I'm not quite ready for it yet, but I must say that it looks pretty adorable on you!

Unknown said...

I totally had a dress just like that circa 1993-1995 that I LOVED and literally wore to death. I have such good memories of feeling fabulous in that dress and your post totally reminded me of it. Mine was almost the exact shape but it was like off-white/pale yellow with a sage green and rose floral pattern. The buttons were pearly too!

Anonymous said...

If you wear that for a 90's party you should totally
find a Blossom hat to wear with it.

Autumn said...

One of my favorite dresses when I was a teenager was a "long floral print with buttons all the way down" kind of dress, 'cept mine was knee length and had sleeves and maybe a small ruffle around the collar.

Nathan's sweater is super ugly and I like it.

Katie Keisler said...

I have to say... even though I don't particularly want this look to "come back"... you made it look great, and now my heart is warming to the idea...

I love the knee highs with it!


half1113 said...

I loved those dresses. I wore them ALL THE TIME. Now I need to lose weight because I have the boobs for the top. I never had the boobs before, the hips yes, boobs no.

Beth Schechter said...

LOVE 90's dresses!!! All the thrift stores are gonna be out of 'em now that you've made this post though. ;)

Anonymous said...

I adore that purse!
All the purses that I find thifting are horridly done knockoffs, which I don't mind, but they aren't even cute purses on their own. Ugh, some of the joys of thrifting, huh?

90s dresses? Me love.
However, it's hard to find one that is cut right for me, because I am vertically-inclined (short). However, I do own a couple that one day I will get around to tailoring... one day, one day.