Monday, December 8, 2008


I have a killer cold so I’m not going out much lately, but Friday I did go out for tapas. And they were really good. Bacon wrapped dates, mushroom croquettes, chunky fried potatoes…mmmm. I eat a LOT when I have a cold, because when I’m eating, I feel better.

Dec 5

I know I’m pushing it with the tunic leggings combo. I don’t care. I doubled up the leggings and called them pants. I know. It’s wrong. Whatever. My legs went on for miles and even though I was sick as a dog I felt amazing.

Dec 5

I forgot to get a close up of those bangles, but they are the ones Sal featured a while back. I love them. And they were really affordable. You can always click through to see the picture larger on my Flickr page.

This bag was the last Nice Thing I bought myself before I realized I had a problem and started therapy, and THINKING about what I bought and when and why.

Dec 5

It’s a great bag. Really nice leather And that little strap thing is so comfortable. The bag just sits there in my hand. And it’s BIG for a clutch, which means I can take my actual make-up bag instead of just gloss, and my actual wallet instead of just a CC and my ID.

Jacket, Bona Drag
Tunic, Forever XXI
Leggings, Target
Boots, Arturo Chiang
leather and silver bangles, kiskastyle at etsy
Bag, GAP


Andrea Eames said...

Your legs do go on forever! :) And I love the stripes.

A said...

Why is the tunic/leggings combo so "wrong"? I think it looks great! I love that tunic so much.

When I saw this photo, I immediately smiled because I know how much you wanted that bag & it really is nice!

I hope you are feeling better. <3

WendyB said...

I eat like crazy when I have a cold.

Sarah R said...

If you have long legs (such as yourself) then leggings are great. I have short dumpy sausage legs, so I don't wear them.
You know, I'd love to see a close up of your arm tat. I love tats!

Shante said...

May be one of my favorite ensembles you've put together since I start visiting your fabulous blog! I wish I could rock the leggings as you do. Unfortunately I have a super long torso, making my legs look rather "stumpy."

Steph said...

remember me? ETBU...u were my little sis for sr girl call out....hope so:) anywoo, found you through my sis's blog. i was reading through you posts and i totally think your outfit choice for the interview - plum tights - was totally you. and i totally agree w/ you on what you said about clothes...and being yourself at work. brian has had two youth minister jobs....neither of which has he ever worn a suit unless it was a wedding, funeral, or occasional preachin from the pulpit...didn't want to "put up a wall" between himself and the sr adults ya know. he has crazy hair sometimes bleached sometimes not. wears what he wants that expresses who he is. he has always said he wouldn't go to a church that required him to wear a suit all the time. it's just not him. wow enough of that.

sorry to hear about your job sitch. fixin to check out your "most coool" jewelry. love your blog:)

yotababy said...

Yeah, the leggings really do work on you--I'm quite envious!

And totally unrelated to clothes, but where did you go for tapas? Cause those sound amazing!

Sal said...

Since you already admitted it's wrong, I won't get on your case about the leggings-as-pants thing. Especially since you DO look fab. The clutch is amazing, too.

BTW, thanks for linking to me ... tho the link is broken! ;)

A said...

I still need to know why leggings as pants are wrong!!

Londyn said...

Loving the clutch! Still undecided on the leggings....