Monday, December 15, 2008

Dinner with Friends

Dec 11

I felt like this outfit struck just the right balance of dressy and casual for dinner at the pub. The blouse, boots and bag kept it dressy, while the jeans and cotton cardigan toned it down and kept it casual. I was comfortable and I felt really pretty.

Dec 11

And the blouse left room for a Cream Cheese Tart w/ fresh berries,
candied walnuts & caramel for dessert. SO GOOD.

Fabulous vintage suede boots from a local thrift store…

Dec 11

A great little “going out” bag by Arm Candy at Etsy…
Dec 11

And the original Love Erin Designs earrings

Blue birds

Blouse, Target
Cardigan, Alternative Apparel
Jeans, Dear at Steve and Barry’s
Boots, Vintage and thrifted


hello jamie: said...

that is a great top. man, I wish I had a Target.

lizbeth said...

Oh, I love that floral print and the color of your boots is great!!

Katie Keisler said...

This outfit looks so casual but still... really classy!

Thanks so much for your sweet comments on my post the other day... It really makes me feel great knowing that I can exemplify Christ through my blog :-)



Anonymous said...

you are so adorable, I love your entire outfit, great boots! and of course the bag, thanks so much for being a customer and blogging about it! I am always in need of more blogs to read.

yotababy said...

I think this is one of my favorite casual outfits of yours--I really love the mix of colors!

A said...

That blouse is great--was that from one of the "Go" collections? I never stay on top of those & I always seem to miss out on the good stuff.

I've always loved those boots. That colour is amazing!

I agree--this is maybe one of your best casual outfits! That purse is so cute I could die.

(I wish I had a great pub to go to here!!)

Anonymous said...

Those boots are fantastic - what a find! Also, I really like the pattern of your top - it is the perfect winter floral!

Sal said...

Those are, indeed, a totally rockin' pair of boots, lady.

Sarah said...

Hi! I just stumbled across your blog - love it! I'll definitely be adding you to my reader.

Connie said...

love this outfit. so much.

bobbye said...

Dear Erin:

I'm really jealous of these jeans still.

I also really like these boots.

P.S. and on that note - we should have a thrift store day - I heart meeting people who also like thrift shops. Lara likes them too! said...

No wonder you feel pretty, you look STUNNING! Those boots are the most delicious shade of cherry that I've ever seen.

Anonymous said...

Love arm candy bags! So cute and cleverly constructed! Love how you've styled yours.

Love your blog too! Will be adding it to my reads!