Monday, October 5, 2009

I Lied, Again.

OK. I did not wear the Sparkle Butt pants. I was a victim of my own procrastination. Don’t act like it’s never happened to you!~ I spent the AM having donut holes and watching TV with my husband. Nice and lazy. Then I went over to Tina's to use her washing machine to RIT dye some things. And while we did, we went thrifting. By the time I got home, my husband informed me our dinner dates would be arriving at 6:30. And it was 5:30. So I didn’t have much time to get dressed*

Anyway, long story shot(er)…NONE of the tunics or shirts I wanted to wear with the leggings were clean or pressed. So I had to come up with a new plan. I’m sorry. I still adore them and am going to launder everything I own and clean up the closet this week, so I have clothes again. I tend to let it get pretty desperate before I do, because I’m lazy. But we’ve been over that before.

ANYWAY. I ended up wearing this:

October 3

That jacket? I thrifted it and a sequined top with Tina. It was half price day, so they were only 5 bucks each. And I die for this jacket. I sang a tiny song in Salvation Army about how I “like it shiny” and Tina did not even react. This tells me she and Rand must be JUST as weird as Nate and I.

October 3

It is dry clean only, so I just Febreeze-ed it, wiped the inside down with a wet towel and called it a day. I totally understand if that grosses you out, but if I have to pay another $5.00 to get it cleaned, it sort of ruins the fun for me. I’m sure I’ll have it cleaned at some point but by then it will just be another item of clothing I own that needs dry cleaning. Do you have newly thrifted dry clean only purchases like jackets cleaned before you wear them?

October 3

Anyway, I loved this look. After I got dressed I pretended I was leaving and told Nathan “OK, so I’ll be back in a bit, I’m off to my Dynasty audition” because that jacket is so over the top.

October 3

I even wore fancy shoes. I don’t normally. I don’t know what my deal is, but I almost never wear satin or suede shoes. I own them, I just don’t wear them. But I thought “Oh come ON, you have to wear them at some point!”

October 3

Of course then it rained all night, and I also scuffed the toe. Classic Erin. It was OK though, the rain didn’t do any damage and the scuff? I totally Sharpie-d it away.

I failed to get a close up of the Talonalia necklace on the new chain, but I am wearing it. I can’t seem to take it off, I just love it!~

*Dude. On a weekday morning, I can get dressed in 20 minutes with no prior outfit planning or anything. Hair , make-up and all, but on a weekend? I swear it takes me 2 hours to get ready to go out. And I don’t look that different than I do weekdays. IDK what the deal is. It’s a random fact of life.

Jacket, Thrifted
Tank, Merona at Target
Denim Leggings, Forever XXI
Shoes, Payless
Bag, Thrifted
Talon Necklace, Talonalia
Medallion necklace, Forever XXI


gina said...

Great outfit! Fun jacket.

I almost never dry clean stuff when I thrift it. If the tag says dry clean only and it looks like it can handle water okay, I'll hand wash it, but not dry clean.

If you have a CD One price near you, dry cleaning is only two something per item, doesn't matter what item it is. I have been dry cleaning my stuff slightly more often since I discovered a cheap, cheap dry cleaner.

Penny said...


Kyla said...

I'm soooo in love with that jacket and it fits you PERFECTLY! I totally did the same thing a couple of weeks ago with some dry clean only thrift finds. Dry cleaning really does suck all the fun out of it!

Sal said...

What a find! I'm sure the sparkle butt pants won't be too insulted that they had to wait to be worn ...

Anonymous said...

Great jacket!! It looks amazing on you and I love the detail in it!

I completely do the same thing when I get anything that says dry clean only from the thrift store. Hey- that is what Febreeze was created for anyways. :)


Sara said...

I LOVE that jacket, and am LOL'ing at the Dynasty comment.

Jess said...

Great jacket! Definitely not something just anyone can pull off- you look fab in it though :)

yotababy said...

Now you need to teach me how to wear my sequin-y jacket, cause I haven't quite figured it out yet!

James said...

That is a little bit gross... obviously _we_ would recommend dry cleaning other people's clothing!

Kayla said...

I like you am a very impatient thrifter. I want to wear everything immediately! I evaluate the item. If it's going to touch my skin directly it needs to be washed. If it is a jacket or a sweater and will go over something, I usually allow myself 1 wear before I have to wash it.

b. said...

That whole outfit makes you look A.MA.ZING!!!! Keep that one in the back of your mind for some occasion where you need to knock people's socks off! :-)

God's Favorite Shoes! said...

I seriously freaking love this outfit! From top to bottom!! LOVE IT! I love that it's so glitzy and then you have on basic black! That's so chic! I do tend to go straight to the dry cleaners after I am done thrifting though...I can't help it:)

BAM said...

I love the jacket. Shiny is a good replacement for sparkly!

I wear stuff too from thrift. Right now i have a leather coat, that I'm a little ooked out by - but at the same time, how do I clean that? huh?

I don't think they clean more than febreeze, but I dryel my dryclean stuff from thrift stores. Figure the heat will kill off cooties.


Sher said...

Go ahead and sing, I would die for that jacket too!

Clare said...

That jacket is totally fantastic. You look lovely!

Stephanie N. said...

What a great find!

myedit said...

The whole outfit is super flattering and hot... the jacket and perfect shaped pants... love.
I sometimes don't clean my sequined thrifted finds, it's sooo expensive and the dry cleaners can't guarantee that they won't damage the sequins. Chances are, if it's fancy, it's probably hardly or never worn.
Can't wait to se your rendition of a sparkle butt outfit...

Boutique Girl said...

I love that jacket!

Tina said...

Well I loved teh jacket in the store and I love it on the blog. You look great! And I am the same way about jackets. I wouldn't have taken it to the cleaners unless it had a spot or smelled - in which case I wouldn't have bought it. Everything else gets washed.

And I don't think I even noticed anything out of the ordinary when you were singing at Salvation Army, b/c I do that crap all the time. I mean how else do you celebrate sequins and gold lame??

Angela said...

I love that you used Sharpie to fix your scuffed shoes. Note to self for future scuffs...

Also, more sparkle butt can be found at Forever 21, wasn't sure if you knew about it:

Angela said...

Oops, the link got cut off. One more time, now broken up to fit in the box!

Anonymous said...

I use Dryel for all my thrifted dry clean only clothes. Works like a charm - or at least it smells good!!!

wardrobeexperience said...

Wow, this jacket looks amazing!