Thursday, October 15, 2009

Sometimes Coming Up With a Title Just Takes Too Long.

Just a quick couple of pictures today. It was so nasty outside when I was trying to take pictures that I had to wipe the fog off the lens between takes, which is why everything is so fuzzy. Plus, my husband had to be somewhere an hour after I got home, which gave me an hour to make dinner and get him fed*!~

October 14

October 14

I'm going to see The September Issue tonight, and I am super excited!

*not because the lady has to cook. It’s just in my house, I do. It’s not a gender thing. It’s a he can’t cook thing and an I hate to do dishes thing.


yotababy said...

I love those boots so much! And I am jealous every time I see you in them. :)

Anonymous said...

I really want that jacket! My bf and I have the same sort of agreement- only he cooks and I do dishes, but it is more this way because I really don't like to cook at all (even though I can.) LOL

Have fun tonight! Please let me know how The September Issue is... I am dying to see it. :)


gina said...

I hear you on the title. :-) Love the coat and boots!

Jess said...

Such a cute dress!

You gotta play to your strengths/interests when it comes to division of labor. I like doing the laundry, and a I detest dealing with the garbage/recycling. Gender has nothing to do with it, but sometimes it just looks that way!

Clare said...

Yeah, Joe and I have a similar, NON-gender divided division of cooking labor. And I am still LOVING that jacket!

Alannah said...

I finally saw that dress at my Target, and I would've never guessed it looked that cute on (which is probably why I never noticed it before)! You rock it.

I "cook" (I don't really consider it cooking because I barely make anything from scratch), and clean up, mostly because I feel bad that Chris does a lot of the other stuff and that's my way of trying to even it out a little bit. Chris is actually an awesome cook, but we don't have much room to make stuff in (or the will to really DO anything by the time we get off work).

Alannah said...

I forgot to say that I *really* want to see that movie! It looks awesome.

Boutique Girl said...

Same cooking/washing deal in our house! Suits me that way!

Great look!

joie said...

wow that's another cute jacket. and i'd love to know what you thought of the september issue.