Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Makes My Heart Go Boom, Boom

*I wanted to leave the swap post on top, but it was messing with my Facebook feed so I had to drop it. Please check below if you are in the Dallas area this weekend, October 24th, we would love to have you!*

I can’t believe I owned this dress for so long before I figured out how to wear it. I held on to it through a couple of closet clear outs, feeling that I might still have a use for it, and I’m glad I did.

October 20

Also, I am a huge fan of this season’s proliferation of knit moto jackets. Can I get an Amen? The first time I saw such a thing was last year, and I ordered one from DELiA*s for 40 bucks that ended up being just a wee bit too small and as a result, I gave it to Lara, who wore it out, almost literally. (Lara rubs holes in the elbows of sweaters and jackets. I’m not sure how, but she’s pretty consistent.) Now I have a couple of my own (as well as my denim Alexander McQueen and my two leather ones. I like moto jackets.)

October 20

This one in particular is a great deal and really well made for $15.50. I can’t recommend it enough. I’m wearing a size medium here, and a Large in the State Fair pics for reference.*

October 20

October 20

I’ve been trying to teach myself to braid. I had short hair when I was growing up and as a result have zero braiding skills. I’m getting better. I can finally do one that’s acceptable to wear in public. I’m not good at it just yet, but soon, I hope!


*YES, I have two. I’m an idiot.

Dress, Jovovich Hawke for Target
Jacket, Forever XXI
Tights, Merona at Target
Shoes, Target
Talon Necklace, Talonalia (I am wearing this pretty much every day. It’s just perfect.)


Sal said...

I'm loving my knit moto jacket, too - what a comfy, versatile piece. This grey one looks fab on you, doll.

Linda said...


Thanks for the lovely comments on my blog, you are such a sweetheart.

P.s. LOVE LOVE the dress

yotababy said...

You are adorable! And I am totally jealous over that dress. And also over your ability to keep your elbows intact! :(

wardrobeexperience said...

beautiful dress... how does it look without the motorcycle jacket?!


Clare said...

The braid looks great! And I love the knit jacket, too...gotta invest in one...

FashionAddict said...


Kyla said...

I'm with you! Knit moto jackets are the bomb! Yeah, I said it...

You look awesome! A tiered tulle(ish) skirt is on my wish list.

Leina said...

You own two of those knit moto jackets because you're a fashion genius, ah durr!

And you look badass in this outfit@!

futurelint said...

love the black lacy ruffles! super cute with the moto jacket!

Tina said...

I'm loving the super flouncey skirt paired with the moto jacket. And yes, I am having cotton moto jacket lust. I'm drooling on my keyboard just a little. Don't judge me.

Kasmira said...

I think I bought my knit moto jacket because of you! You're a bad influence.

The braid looks great! I learned on my barbie dolls, so if you have any of those around, you can practice without tiring your arms out.